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Ship Meme || A Ship Where One Half is Dead

↳ Oda Sakunosuke x Dazai Osamu || Bungou Stray Dogs


teen wolf sorting headcanons: kira yukimura ☞ ravenpuff

“my explanation was sort of all over the place, so i did some research and i printed it out for you.” “you didn’t have to do that” “it only took a couple of hours.”

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 colour meme: amorremanet requested “nogitsune and rainbows”

Does it hurt? Hey, look at me. You should have done your reading, Scott. See, a nogitsune feeds off chaos, strife and pain. This morning, you took it from Isaac, then you took it from Coach. And then from a dying deputy. All that pain. You took it all. Now, give it to me.