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I was busy thinkin’ bout boys

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Always busy dreaming bout boys

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Head is spinning thinkin’ bout boys

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I sincerely believe that acting is about the fine art of being alive. As an actor, through a performance I get to captivate an audience and allow them to feel something wholly and truthfully. I think that idea behind the art form is what inspired me to realize that acting is so much bigger than I had ever thought it was. It made me realize the potential you have as an actor to inspire others and show them ‘this is life – now go out and live it.’ I also get to exercise my empathy muscle, and put myself in somebody else’s shoes to be able to understand what separates us and what brings us together. Being an actor has made navigating thrrough life so much easier because it allows you to see so many different perspectives.


The only pick up line I’ve ever used was not when going up to a girl but actually just meeting people on vacation overseas. You wait until you hear someone speaking English, and then you walk up to them and say, ‘I’m so sorry, are you guys speaking English? Thank God, I’m traveling, I don’t know anybody, I just had to say ‘Hi’. And then usually they’re like, ‘Oh, let’s have a beer!’