tw body image

My parents think that every ailment I have is die to the fact that I’m “too skinny” and “don’t eat enough”. I’m so tired of my problems being diminished just because I don’t look like everyone else. Depressed? “You don’t eat enough good stuff that’s why.” Throwing up? “What have you eaten today?” Back problems? “It’s because you’re skinny and there’s nothing there to support you.” I never even had body image issues until someone made a comment about how I’m built. I’m so tired of people objectifying me. I’m so tired of people saying all my problems are because I’m “too skinny”. I’m so tired of looking this way and if I could I’d change it

You might see your arms as fat; but if anyone else looks at your arms, they just see arms.

Lucy, my beautiful younger sister (@absolutely-icetea​) 

Yesterday I asked her, “do my arms looked fat?” she replied, “no.” I asked again, “but I feel like this shirt is just unflattering?” and this is what she said in response.

You like it when the mirror
cuts you in half,
thighs pulled apart and then
sewed back together again

a smaller mosaic.

Something about the lie of a
how the line in the middle always
takes a thing and makes two of it.
How you pull the string and
the body bleeds into the floorboards.

Nothing heals like the wall that
can shrink you down to the size of
a dream,
the size of a vision.

No one wants a room that can’t
see them.

—  Caitlyn Siehl, Room