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So I draw people about once in a blue moon because frankly, I’m not great at it and up until this point, avoiding it has been easier than actually practicing. However, my desire to draw AH fanart is finally starting to wear me down enough that I actually went and did some face studies! Hopefully they’re somewhat recognizable?
Here’s to hoping I improve \(ouo)/
p.s. sorry about Michael’s creepy mugshot stare

“Thank you, master,” Kylo said, and the word felt good in his mouth, almost as good as the bitter burn of the laudanum when Hux brought the bottle to his wanting lips and bid him to swallow it all down. His dark head fell back against the pillow and he closed his eyes, savouring the creeping heat as it coiled slowly, so slowly down his throat and into his lungs, his stomach, filling every part of him like the soft progression of sunlight across the carpet.

Hux seemed content to wait as Kylo passed through the other side of the veil that was that first and nearly overwhelming rush of pleasure. He crawled onto the bed and swung his leg over to carefully straddle Kylo’s abdomen. He wasn’t particularly heavy - in fact, the weight of him was reassuring, grounding in a moment when Kylo might have drifted off entirely - but it still made it difficult to breathe, compounding the already laboured breaths of an opium eater.

Laudanum addict Kylo from my Victorian AU.

some had scars and some had scratches
it made me wonder about their past
and as I looked around I began to notice
that we were nothing like the rest  [x]

I had this line art done for weeks now so I decided to motivate myself while studying by letting myself color one character for each chapter I managed to finish. Two more chapters to go.  /disappears again  (P.S. Pretty sure you guys will have to Right Click > Open in new tab to see original size).

this was my halloween art from 2013!

it was reposted in a few places with negative/gleeful comments regarding kira and malia’s absence, and i don’t like to think that people would see me as someone who hates girls that much? especially characters like kira and malia who are really important to me.

i didn’t have time to do anything for halloween this year, but if i did it would have included kira and malia. kira would dress as the fantastic mr. fox and malia would be dress as the sheriff and liam would dress as the hulk :)