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Man. I want some now too, all I’ve got is some Chris/Stiles. But. Everyone has that.…

Like, Chris/Stiles is pure gold to me, I need more of that too. 8)  So far there are some good ones out there!  I wish Ahab would finish this one. Ro wrote this for me! (rawwwrr!) And this series is pretty awesome.

ANYWAYS. Hope you like these!

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Chris felt teeth sinking into his hand. He lamented their loss when his low rumble of a noise shocked the boy into letting his jaw un-lock. Stiles jerked, but only managed to wedge himself closer into Chris' hold. "d-dude... that was not a pain sound." "Are you sure?" He murmured, lips brushing Stiles' ear. Chris watched the hair on the back of Stiles' neck rise and felt a smirk snaking across his mouth. "What the f-" (1/2)


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LOL is it because they're older? Peter and Chris is sexy. XD also peter/stiles

Haha, they are not that much older than me!  ;D  

NO WAY I mean I love older guys. Ian and JR could get it any day of the week, srsly.  Have you seen their photo where they’re wearing motorcycle leathers? Yisss~  

It is possibly because everything I’ve seen of them has been young versions of them being blissfully happy and boinking and that really isn’t something that jives with my desires for their characters.  Lazulisong put it well – epic hatesex? I could totally work with that, just haven’t seen any.

And omg you’re talking about someone who loves Peter/Stiles and Chris/Stiles. But I think that’s my ‘age gap of not-so-good-ness’ kink talking.

Age Gaps In Fiction vs Real World Morality: Definitions

I see a lot of debate about the morality of shipping ‘age gaps’ or ‘younger characters’ romantically in fiction, and a lot of people using words in ways that show they don’t know what the words mean. 

It’s important to understand what words mean so that everyone is on the same page, you can disagree and debate anything, but if you don’t use a word to mean the same thing it’s hard to have the discussion.  Additionally, when discussing subjects like crimes against children, it’s important to use the correct language so as not to trivialize those crimes or distract from the condemnation of criminals 

Below is a list of definitions. I did my best to put everything in laymen’s terms based on my knowelege as a survivor of child abuse and CSA who cares deeply about preventing child abuse, and has researched the subject academically. 

This post is meant to be viewpoint neutral, but where I feel strongly against certain actions I will note my own feelings under Please

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