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Fourteen year old Sam Winchester sat outside at school. It was lunch break and he had nothing to do, no friends. The only person he knew here was Dean. He sat on a table, swinging his legs back and forth.  Their dad got a hunt in another city and they had to change schools, again. It was getting old and irritating. Why couldn’t he just go to school like a normal person and not have to change schools every week? He sighed, left to his thoughts since he had no one to talk to.

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teacher, teacher - a teacher crush mix - l i s t e n -

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saspiesas replied to your post: Oh man I want some Chris/Derek fics, d…

Man. I want some now too, all I’ve got is some Chris/Stiles. But. Everyone has that.…

Like, Chris/Stiles is pure gold to me, I need more of that too. 8)  So far there are some good ones out there!  I wish Ahab would finish this one. Ro wrote this for me! (rawwwrr!) And this series is pretty awesome.

ANYWAYS. Hope you like these!

there is discussion (ghghghhh) of age gaps in harry potter ships on my dash. i don’t want a huge involvement in the discussion so i’m not reblogging it, but the ships in question are, like, 14-15ish and 25ish. I shipped this when I was 14-15ish. now that i’m 25ish i have a huge, visceral negative reaction to the idea of this kind of relationship. when i was on the young end of this, it seemed like fantasy fulfillment- hot older person is paying attention to me! now that i’m on the old end of this, i’m just deeply, deeply grossed out. no, that is not what that is. no, that is not the kind of attention you want. 

um, i guess the point of me saying this is: pay attention to who is into the idea of these ships, and how/why. don’t go around yelling at kids for having really unhealthy ideas about themselves, that’s unhelpful. there are other ways to point it out. (do go around yelling at adults. call them out, keep an eye on them, keep an eye on how they’re interacting with kids online. please.) 

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"They sound awfully close, don't you think- Ah... Wouldn't know, would you?" "This is so not normal hostage talk, Mr. Argent, just FYI." "I think I need to take you hostage more often then. The splutter Stiles managed dried up with the warm, wet crawl of Chris' tongue up the back of his neck. (2/2)


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Chris felt teeth sinking into his hand. He lamented their loss when his low rumble of a noise shocked the boy into letting his jaw un-lock. Stiles jerked, but only managed to wedge himself closer into Chris' hold. "d-dude... that was not a pain sound." "Are you sure?" He murmured, lips brushing Stiles' ear. Chris watched the hair on the back of Stiles' neck rise and felt a smirk snaking across his mouth. "What the f-" (1/2)


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LOL is it because they're older? Peter and Chris is sexy. XD also peter/stiles

Haha, they are not that much older than me!  ;D  

NO WAY I mean I love older guys. Ian and JR could get it any day of the week, srsly.  Have you seen their photo where they’re wearing motorcycle leathers? Yisss~  

It is possibly because everything I’ve seen of them has been young versions of them being blissfully happy and boinking and that really isn’t something that jives with my desires for their characters.  Lazulisong put it well — epic hatesex? I could totally work with that, just haven’t seen any.

And omg you’re talking about someone who loves Peter/Stiles and Chris/Stiles. But I think that’s my ‘age gap of not-so-good-ness’ kink talking.