tw ache

don’t the bible say
a woman’s survival
depends upon her ability

to slay a man? don’t it
say the best way to bleed
a thing
is with a slut’s grip?

—  Amber Atiya, from “I Suppose I Could Buy a Lemon Press for $7.49 from Target but These Hands,” West Branch Wired’s Ache of a Prism In Us
Tiffany had grown used to those sorts of desperate conversations when she was ‘going round the houses’ up in the mountains. They were generated by fear–fear of what would happen to the speaker when they were left alone again. Granny Weatherwax had a way of dealing with this, which was to put the fear of Granny Weatherwax into absolutely everyone, but Granny Weatherwax had had years of being, well, Granny Weatherwax.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

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HAVE A LITTLE FAITH - work in progress

KIWI: THE SERIES - completed

YELLOW - work in progress

THE DFMO TRILOGY - completed



THE DIVIDE SERIES - work in progress; in collaboration with stylishmuser


Harry Blurb Compilation 

When Harry wakes you up for the airport. 
the one where you’re sleepy and Harry is prepared.

“Is That One of Mine?” 
the one where you buy a shirt that looks a little bit like Harry’s.

When You Have Chub Rub 
the one where it’s just too damn hot.

Tea Mugs & Tear Stains 
the one where it all gets a little too much.

When You & Harry Attend a Wedding 
the one where you’re not a fan of weddings.

A White T-Shirt 
the one where you take a leap of faith.
- TW: mentions self-harm.

Just Harry 
the one before Harry leaves.

Late Night Pancakes
the one where you’re pregnant. Very pregnant.

Birthday Cake
- the one where it’s Harry’s birthday.

My love, my life, my always. 
the one where you’re feeling a little insecure.

All I Want For Christmas 
the one where it’s Christmas.

The Perfect Moment 
- the one where he just couldn’t wait.

- the one where you just can’t help it.

I’ve Got You 
the one where you have a baby.

My Sweetheart 
the one with a cuddle or two.

Dear DILF 
the one where you tell Harry a secret.

the one before it all begins.

Sweet Nothings 
the one with the pillowtalk.

Sweet Creature 
the one where he needs a little love.

the one where he needs a little push.

From The Dining Table 
the one where not every story has a happy ending.

Mother’s Day 
the one where your babies surprise you.

- the one where it’s your birthday.

- the one where you find strength in each other.
- TW; infertility

- the one where he finds you.
- TW; cancer death


This Town 
the one where there’s a story behind every song.

the one where it takes time to heal.
- TW: mentions death; the loss of a family member

the one where you need a little reminder.

the one where you see something that makes your heart melt.

One Of Those Days 
the one where Niall lifts you up.

Father’s Day 
the one where you and your daughter are the luckiest girls in the world.

Instagram Live
- the one where you and Niall do the long-distance thing.

The Best Man
- my submission for @allficcedup’s TROPETASTIC! Challenge


Stay With Me 
the one where Liam knows what you need.
- TW: mentions of anxiety; panic attack

until my ass bleeds and my head aches is the best fanfic ever!!1! i love when two people who canonically love each other and have a healthy relationship are written extremely out of character, have shitty miscommunication, hate each other, and have dubious consent with inaccurately and unsafely written hate sex!!1! gotta love them ya0izzz mmm i love fetishizing and misrepresenting mlm in my terribly written fan fiction catering to gross cishets or fujoshi like myself! anyway until my gums bleed and my teeth fall out is the bEst!1!! xD


FKA twigs - tw-ache

These amazing people in this stunning video with that beautiful music shakes me to the core and I cannot get enough.

Me explaining 5x06 to my friend:

Okay so what happened was it’s told in the past of the past… like the past isn’t really the present since Lydia in Eichen is the true present… she’s not in the future. This is all being told from her perspective in the so called “future” but always remember it’s present, passed and now it’s goes more past then it already is of past.

I don’t know what the fuck I was on when I texted her this because now I’m mother fucking confused

He sniffled a little and stayed staring at the floor in an attempt to hide the new injuries to his face amongst other places. “Unless you’re here to bring me chocolate or you’re a doctor, I really would prefer to be alone. Please.” He whispered when he felt someone’s presence. Given the fact he was staring down, he had no idea whether they were stopping for him or not. He knew he looked a mess with both new and dried blood covering him.

Locus still caring about Felix, even after he realizes that they were wrong. Locus not wanting to lose Felix, but letting him die because he knows Felix, and knows he won’t ever stop. Letting Felix die because that’s the punishment a monster should have. But Felix was still his monster, even after he’s dead. He knows it’s wrong, but he mourns Felix all the same. He misses him, asks Felix not to be mad, tells him he’ll see him soon. Because after all, he’s a monster too. He just has something to do before he faces his own punishment. Not to redeem himself, no, knows he’s far past the point of no return. Just something he feels is right. Locus cries for the first time in 11 years. Can barely stand the guilt and regret and sorrow in his chest. It’s overwhelming. He knows it’s weak, knows he doesn’t deserve such a clean end. And he knows that Felix isn’t patient, just hopes that he’ll wait one more time. 

i relate you to my heart, i relate you to my soul, you make me content and glad i didn’t die all of the times i almost surely did. oh how i wish my interest in you was as simple as sex and foolery but it goes so much deeper than that, it’s much more complex than your body angel. you’re just about my favorite song. you’re on my mind, keep that in yours.

Crazy In Love

Request – made by anonymous: can i make a scenario request where you and wonho are friends with benefits but then you end up accidentally getting pregnant? its your choice if you want to add smut, angst, or fluff. ^^ thank you~ 

Word count: 2K+
Writer: Mitsuv
Pairing: You aka Jihyun + Wonho of MONSTA X
Genre: Smut, Angst, Slice of Life
Rating: 17+ | this contains vulgar wording and smutty scenes as well as the use of alcohol, triggering thoughts of abortion is also linked – WARNING: if you cannot handle what’s written, please exit out! Also, I am not responsible for underage reading. You have been warned.

INFO: This is my first scenario so I’m extremely nervous! goes to hide but without further ado, I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless! p.s. I couldn’t choose if I wanted smut, angst, or fluff so I gave you a duo: smut and angst! 

The way his hands would glide against her soft skin would always send her in a trance filled with thoughts that would cause shameful looks of both parents that conceived her. His warmth, his girth, his pressure, everything that came with him consumed her thoughts 24/7. It wasn’t healthy but what relationship of that only needing each other for a release was healthy anyway? However, she was fixated and the thought of wanting to claim him hers was tempting but if only he was capable of looking at her and only her would she then have the courage to ask if this “friends with benefits” thing was an actual thing he still considered. Foolish thoughts began to swirl throughout her head and before she knew it, she was sent into euphoria once the pressure of the bottom of her middle began to heat, pooling him with eternal tightness that soon released his hold into hers. His grunts, moans, and breathless manner sent her into overdrive as she rode hers out and gave a breathless grin.

“That… was…” Wonho’s breathless acts were only repetitive as she edged himself out from her and laid right beside, as if it didn’t occur to him anymore for the matter of fact of doing this for over a hundred times.

“Amazing.” Jihyun finished for him and turned her head to see that toothy grin of his as he leaned down to grace her lips with his. Bad move because now her heart swelled up with this fixation of love conforming from this little game of “friends with benefits”. It was dangerous but what would you have expected from a girl who was never experienced with this type of thing? Never touched a single male in her life until he came along and when he came, boy did he make his mark.

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You’re Never Alone

continued from here [x] @axquietxbeauty

Ivan waited in the shadows of the bedroom, knowing that it would be hours before David would be back. Knowing their schedules better than his own had many benefits… though his own schedule had become centred around hers. His beautiful flower. A small frown creased his face as she threw the note out of the window… though perhaps it had been too forwards. Stepping behind her, Ivan wrapped his arms around her slender waist. 

“Come now Darling… you don’t really want that.”