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yesterday i reached 100 followers and decided to celebrate a little by making a graphic! (i hope you guys appreciate the suffering i went through using pixlr oh my god i really need to invest in photoshop this was so painful)

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Sorry if you've answered this before, but what is 'itlab' ???

!!!!!! omMMMMG. first of all, i sincerely apologise because you are about to unlock my ultimate final form…….. BECAUSE ITLAB IS LITERALLY MAKING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW AND IM SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT IT AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING BC AHHHHHHH.

itlab basically is the shorthand for “in the lights and buzz” which is a v.l.d story myself and @itbespacegays are writing. it actually started off as a RP verse we had together on our RP blogs as i write keith and sam writes shiro. but idk i think from the start we both kind of Knew. and we really felt we had something here we wanted to share and build into a fic. 

the basic premise is that it’s an AU set in hollywood, in which keith is a stunt double on his film big film, and shiro is a famous actor on the same film on the leading. that’s all i can trust myself to say and all i know i should say because once you get me talking i won’t stop and i don’t want to give any spoilers away for the story because we’ve worked so hard on it but it’s so hard bc i just want to yell about it all the time. 

you can see some stuff so far in my tag for the story (which mostly includes some general songs - but it may give you a taste of the vibe!) also i know sam has so much to say about the story too!! 

we’re in the process of vamping up the blog @itlabofficial (still under construction) where we’ll be posting all the links for AO3 updates, extra scenes that didn’t make the cut, general talks about the process of writing and so forth! 

in a couple of hours time we’ll be releasing the promo + chapter 1

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i’M JUST SO EXCITED. we’ve planned this for sooo long and really put so much of the love we have for these characters into this and just realising this into something tangible is so special tbh. 

it means a lot to both of us and we are just so excited and passionate about this story!!! i dont think i’ve been this excited about any story i’ve written ever. it’s a real pleasure to get to do this with sam who is so extremely talented in writing and creativity, and sam just understands shiro so wonderfully. i am so happy we’ve come together and committed to this to make this story happen.

i just hope it will be an enjoyable read!! 

thank you for dropping by and thank you so MUCH FOR ASKING oh my gosh it made me smile sm and i’ve been thinking about this ask all day since i saw it on my break. 

i honestly could talk about itlab for days and im positive sam could too. but we can’t say much more yet until at least some of it is available to discuss and talk about if people wanted to chat about C1 

TAKE CARE. big love! THANKS!