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I know some people have been disappointed with the blink-and-you’d-miss-it sterek scene in 4x11. Fret not my friends, more is coming in 4x12, of that i am certain. But short as this scene was it was actually a thing of beauty..

Now strap on your shipper goggles! Enter Stiles - look at Derek and how he hesitantly turns towards them. And not just Derek - also his reflection - it also moves towards stiles and and moves “out of the frame” towards him. And above Derek’s head a single light bulb is shining - Derek’s getting a clue. He’s seen the light. Actually ryvetted4 has a much better gif of this - check it out.

Next Stiles asks what happened here. Check out his body language. He does his best to act cool under the circumstances - i mean his dad is right there with him for christ sake! He looks to Derek for answers.

Derek looks hesitant. Uncertain. His whole body screams of awkwardness. He’s also looking at stiles. Notice how Braeden is blocking them and how we never get them in the same shot for close-ups. She’s cock blocking :) And that is not a happy face!

Braeden continues to act standoffish and hostile. Derek is still awkward and shifty-eyed. The light bulb is still by his head.

Stiles fumbles, acting like a spaz. The phone rings, breaking the weird mood. Scott has been taken - they have other shit to think about - feelings will have to wait.

Shipper goggles off. Okay, even without the sterek lenses on, i still find this scene very interesting. Primarily because of Braeden. She’s very defensive, she’s looks geniunely pissed when the stilinskis walk in. Why?

Is it because she’s something and stiles has a very finely tuned spidey sense that can spot that easily. Is it because he’s the only one Derek ever really listens to? I don’t know - but i do know that Braeden does not look happy with this new development.

And if i remember correctly the only other time they have interracted was in Mexico.

My dad is in episode 11!! Next week yeah. He plays a really good doctor from season 1 and we bring him back - OH MY GOD am I supposed to say that?!?! Did I spoil something?!?
—  Tyler Posey discussing episode 4x11 ‘A Promise to the Dead’, sharing that his dad’s character from the web series Search for a Cure is returning to the show! (Source)
I see you! Stiles and the Third Eye (TW 4x11)

I should probably spend my time working on a meta rambling for last night’s episode instead, but i was suddenly hit by a idea and i couldn’t let it go, so i gave in and decided to explore it.

Is anybody surprised it’s about Stiles? Didn’t think so…

Image heavy and long, so hit the read more if you’re curious :)

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