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To keep thinking back to s4 particularly the loft scene between Braedon derek and the Stilinski's. I know that derek has feeling for stiles and it's so god damn obvious. But what I didn't understand is why in the loft scene derek was acting all shady-awkward and his body language was screaming awkward! What the hell?

I posted some gifs and some initial reactions to that scene just after it aired. Here’s a link. 

What I try to ask myself when I look a scene are the following: a) what is the purpose of the scene? Why is it included? and b) what is the relevance of the people present - why them?

The first question is obvious. The scene is included to clue our gang into Scott and Kira’s kidnapping. It’s the culmination of three parties zeroing in on the same conclusion - Stiles and Liam have noticed that Scott is missing from the Lacrosse game and are starting to worry when they can’t get hold of him. Deaton has been poking around at Eichen House and getting Dr Valack to show him stuff with his eye, and Lydia saved him. Derek and Braeden arrive back to the loft to find it in shambles after Derek let Scott use it for a date. 

So the primary purpose is clear. But this could’ve been shown us in a myriad of ways. Yet Jeff & co chose this one.

Stiles: What the hell happened? 
Derek: It was supposed to be a date. 
Sheriff: They were both here? 
Braeden: And they’re both gone.

First of all - Stiles did not know that Scott and Kira had been at the loft for a date. He clearly knew they were going on a date. Kira had even borrowed Star Wars from Stiles, but it’s clear by his confusion and the sheriff’s question that he wasn’t aware of the location. 

So why did they go to Derek’s loft? One guess is that both Stiles and the sheriff agreed to ask for help from someone they by now both trust - Derek. 

Derek is acting awkward. Even Stiles is a bit shifty. The sheriff is in fact the only one acting more or less normal, because Braeden is looking hostile and a bit standoffish. 

The upcoming episode, 4x12, has a lot of sterek. Both in the van and after when Derek is mortally wounded and it all ends with this heartbreaking moment

So why did Jeff decide that this scene should be about Stiles, sheriff, Derek and Braeden? Why this combo? What did this scene achieve aside from learning that Kira and Scott was taken?

To me the answer is: sterek

Stiles and Derek have  not crossed paths much this season. The only other interaction at the time of the loft scene was at Deaton’s when they were holding down Brett. 

This is the first time Stiles sees Derek with Braeden. He probably doesn’t know that they’re seeing each other. Scott has seen them together, but only in situations where guns were blazing. Lydia has been to the loft in the middle of the night in banshee mode and screamed at them. Neither is likely to have told Stiles about this. Lydia seldom remembers her fugue states at any rate, and Scott probably didn’t pick up on anything “romantic” in those situations.

Assuming that Derek has feelings for Stiles, and Stiles then comes running into the loft while Braeden is there, acting as if she owns the place, it’s bound to be a bit awkward. Anyone who’s ever been in a situation like that, knows how utterly embarrassing it is. 

If you haven’t yet read cupid’s summary of how Derek came to have Stiles as his anchor and realize he cared, then you should definitely set aside some time to do so. Here’s a handy link. Derek spent all of 3b running around making sure no one killed Stiles even if he was out of his mind at the time. 

Stiles is also a bit shifty in the scene and they keep looking at each other out of the corner of their eyes when talking. The sheriff is the only one acting more or less normal. Including him here sends a message of him trusting Derek since he’s agreed to come here with Stiles. Derek and the sheriff has worked together a lot the last couple of seasons. 

Now let’s look at some screen caps and some gifs. 

The stilinskis enter and remember Derek doesn’t have his usually werewolfy senses, so he’s probably taken aback by their arrival. But he turns around, both he and his mirror image, spins around to fully face Stiles. 

Braeden is crouching down, stands up and takes a deliberate step back. She completely blocks out Stiles. 

We get our first closeup of Stiles, looking a bit confused. But he’s addressing Derek, wondering what’s up

Then we get a shot from Stiles’ POV and Braeden is deliberately obscuring his view of Derek. 

She turns around reluctantly, arms crossed, pout in place. She’s got a very sour expression the entire scene. 

I view the light right above Derek’s head as they enter and right next to him in the shots above as a sign that he’s “seen the light”, he knows what he feels. Since the light is between him and Braeden when she’s looking a bit annoyed might mean that she’s seen the light too…

Stiles however is still in the dark. All the light bulbs around him are dark.

There you have it - my very stereky interpretation of this scene and their reactions :) 

Okay people, don't freak out. We did kind of have Stydia last episode.


In the phone call, Deaton say something like: “Mexico. And if you wanna save his life, that’s where you’re going to” and then, he turns to Lydia, because he knows the relationship between them, that tether, the strong connection with Stiles.

Aaaand, we also see Lydia worried, nervous and scared, she even had to hold Deaton’s hand for support.

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t a big scene, but we saw Lydia once again worrying about Stiles, and Deaton noticing that.

Plus: Stiles failing in the game because there was no motivation there, no one to impress to, no Lydia, so he didn’t care that much.

Those, for me, are the Stydia in 4x11. She cares for him, and He needs her even with Malia being around.
Even if we don’t see them sharing a scene together, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have Stydia, you just have to look a little bit closer in this episode, it’s not that clear like the other ones.

Okay let’s be clear… I have nothing against Stalia or Stalia shippers. They’re sweet together no one can deny it. But Stydia will ALWAYS be the best. They are meant for each other.

Whatever What I wanted to say is I’m really disappointed that they are no Stydia in this episode. Every season all of us, Stydia shipper, we waiting for this moment, the Stydia episode. It’s our ritual! And this year nothing! I get that Jeff Davis want to explore other relationship but come on! Episode 11! We just ask a few scenes and we don’t even get it. I’m so disappointed.. :’(

I’m still in shocked. I’m so disappointed. How dare you Jeff. The worst thing is that he broke stydia tradition, but gave us Stalia. Like, putting Stydia’s things in Stalia. 2x11 - The first smile ( when Lydia was with Sheriff and Mama McCall) and now we see this coyote girl sitting with Sheriff to cheer up Stiles? what the fuck? I’m sorry for mistakes, I can’t even think right now.