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Hey! I just wanted you opinion on the ep.4x09. The scene where Lydia and Stiles are in the Echo House with Brunski listenin to the recording of her grandma. When the shot camera is on Stiles he looks very very pissed. You think (cuz all this spak!stiles meta things) that he somehow helps with Parrish suddenly apearing there and shooting the bastard? Like that he wished him dead and whoops he is in few minutes. Parrish didnt have to kill him, he is a cop, he could have just take him with him

I’ve been so caught up in my Meredith The Benefactor musings i hadn’t really looked too closely at that scene before now. So thank you for reminding me!

Now Parrish turning up and saving the day - I believe that was all Parrish. We see him piecing together the evidence that Brunski is the one finding all the suicides, and he’s also know what a dickbag he really is.

BUT - if Parrish hadn’t arrived when he did I am 100 % sure Stiles would’ve saved them, or at least attempted to.

First let’s agree that they are both tied up pretty good with sturdy looking restraints

We see Stiles struggle more than once, trying to get free

Stiles even wears his “I’m about to do badass shit-face”

Look how calm and concentrated he is when he thinks Brunski is going for him first with the needle. He’s f**king ready!

But then Brunski goes for Lydia and Stiles goes for the rescue - CHECK OUT HIS ARM!

HE TOTALLY BREAKS FREE! And he would’ve gone after Brunski with all he had if Parrish hadn’t show up.

Let’s enjoy this moment with a still as well - just in case there is any doubt…

Stiles can do impossible things when he wants to - or believes he can. This is possibly linked to his spark. I’ve made several posts about this before. This is now a thing we cannot deny!

EDIT: Scrolling down my dash just minutes after i posted this, i saw that certhia-pi had made the same observation :)