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Atomic Robo & Friends 2011

Shut up! I hacked your mainframe and downloaded your itinerary! Yes! All of your computerized scheduling secrets are now mine!”

“You joined our newsletter!”

“You can’t prove that!”

Everyone, say hello to the world’s greatest villain in all of science and one of my favorite Robo characters outside of Robo himself: Doctor Dinosaur. The most vile and evil and nonsensical of all villains!!!


The Stydia kiss was gross?!? Have you actually seen it? You guys are so hateful. If I have to say what I think, the Stalia kisses in season 5 were way more terrible, and I’m saying it as a person that never hated Stiles and Malia together, even though I’m a Stydia shipper since the very beginning. It’s just that the kisses were not passionate and it was so obvious that the actors were just kissing for work, not feeling anything… they were not into the character, and it’s not supposed to be like that. You should be able to feel the characters’ feelings. And the Stydia kiss…. that was all another level. Their faces were so desperate, it was clear that they wanted to kiss so bad, they had wanted it for so long… there’s a moment in that kiss scene, where we see Lydia’s expression, it looks like she’s crying. But she’s crying because she’s so happy, she can’t believe he’s actually there, kissing her, finally. She finally feels loved by someone who can give her the world and make her feel appreciated, and she finally feels what we call love, after a LONG time. Why can’t you just admit the beauty of this desperate, passionate and real kiss? I mean c'mon. I guess all those people who say that this kiss is ugly and that Dylan and Holland expressions are irritated or any other shit (I think they were so into the scene that they connected in an extraordinary way) have never seen two people kissing after all the time that they wanted to but they couldn’t. I bet you’ve never seen two people that are so fucking in love with each other kiss for the first time. Well I did, and I also know what it feels like personally. I’m sorry that you don’t want to understand how beautiful that scene is, I really am.

[Superman: Last Son of Krypton – Action Comics (1938-2011) #844]

[Batman and Robin: Born to Kill Batman and Robin (2011-2015) #1]

I’m rereading my comics for nostalgic purposes and also to find trashy parallels because that’s what I do with my life.

It’s just interesting. I can’t end my fixation on Chris Kent and Damian Wayne’s curious parallels or how they deal with incredible changes to their environments at around the same age.

Chris has just escaped an incredibly abusive background and finds the first person he’s met with to be warm, inviting, and nurturing. Chris clings to Clark, and will come to cling more and more to Clark and Lois as he is accepted into their family.

Damian (going strictly by New52 canon for this parallel since that’s the example I found here) likewise is met with a change of environments that is mostly out of his control, but he meets signs of nurturing and acceptance with rejection and anger. He grew up in an environment where affection and respect were earned, and he expects to have to prove himself. Unwarranted affection is found almost unacceptable.

It’s two interesting takes on children coming from horrific circumstances that will be met with very opposing arcs. Even though their fates are both tragic and something I disagree with entirely.

lgbtq slam poetry

a masterpost of poetry by and for the lgbtq community

side note: almost all of these have blunt mentions of homophobia, transphobia, and dysphoria. please be careful when listening!

Denice Frohman - “Dear Straight People” (WOWPS 2013)

Elliot Darrow - “God is Gay” (CUPSI 2013 Finals)

Rhiannon McGavin - “Art Class”

Joy Young - “The Queer Hokey-Pokey” (IWPS 2014)

(tw: rape) Kevin Kantor - “People You May Know” (CUPSI 2015 Finals)

Ollie Schminkey & Wyatt Fleckenstein - “Small Towns”

Thomas Hill - “Pray the Gay Away” (Brave New Voices 2013)  

Sibel Sayiner & Violet Trachtenberg - “Pride” (CUPSI 2014)

Jamie Mortara - “Some Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me”

(tw: self harm) Ollie Schminkey - “How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps”

Justice Gaines - “Letter from Xem” (CUPSI 2015)

Ethan Smith - “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” (CUPSI 2014)

Dia Davina - A Boy Called Everything

Joy Young - “Unbuttoning My Boy Shirt” (NPS 2014)

Arati Warrier - “Witch Hunt” (TGS 2014)

(tw: suicide) Kevin Kantor & Sienna Burnett - "Phases” (CUPSI 2015)

Denver Team Round #4 - Brave New Voices 2013 (Semi Finals) 

(tw: death, alcoholism, abuse)  Patrick Roche - “21” (CUPSI 2014)

Jai Rogers, Francisco Velaquez, Jessica Vernon - “Public Trans” (BNW 2014)

Wyatt Fleckenstein - “Labels” (CUPSI 2014) 

(tw: implied suicide) Bronte, Fraser, and Josh - “Gay Suicides” (BNV 2011)

(tw: rape) Ollie Schminkey - “Two Twin Beds” (NPS 2014)

EDIT (thank you to @ace-deuce-bi​ !)

Joanna Hoffman - “Pride”

(tw: n slur, explicit sex ment) Danez Smith - “Dear Mrs. Thompson”

Andrea Gibson - “Prism”

(tw: abuse, drugs, death) Gina Keplinger - “For Bob” (NPS 2014)

Jomar Valentin - “Layering” (NPS 2014)

Talia Young - “Queers’ Ark” (CUPSI 2015)

Cassidy Foust - “The Knife That Carves” (CUPSI 2015)

Sarah Lawson - “Erasure” (WoWPS 2015)

(tw: explicit sex ment) Zev Verdoner - “Dear Rosie” (CUPSI 2015)

feel free to add on to this list !!

—  Guys, why the hell are you complaining about this AMAZING episode?!? “Sciles is stronger than Stydia” “It should have been Scott that opened the rift” “Stydia is fanservice!”. Just shut up already. Can’t you understand that these three relationships are completely different from one another? And the memories of ALL three of them made the rift open? It wasn’t because Lydia was the last one to try that it opened, even though Lydia’s connection with Stiles is something very special and deeper than the one with Scott and Malia (that’s my personal opinion obviously). Stiles is Scott’s best friend, and Malia’s anchor, but with Lydia, he has an emotional tether. Mentioning Deaton in 3A, she is “not just someone who can pull him under, she is someone who can pull him back”. These are the perfect words to describe their connection, in my personal opinion. And most importantly they deserve each other, can’t you just be happy for them?
But apart from that, I think all three of them did something important that helped opening the rift. So calm down you people. Relax and enjoy these wonderful characters and their stories. Stop complaining. It will be over in 11 episodes, I think it’s time to show your love for this fantastic tv show, not hate. Thank you.

Sarah Payne disappeared on the 1st of July 2000 from a cornfield near the home of her grandparents, Terence and Lesley Payne, in West Sussex, England. That evening, 8-year-old Sarah had been playing with her two elder brothers (aged 13 and 11 at the time) and younger sister; (aged 6). After becoming separated at one point, the group realised that little Sarah hadn’t returned and had vanished without a trace. A nationwide search commenced within 48 hours, and Payne’s parents made numerous television and newspaper appeals for her safe return. 

More than two weeks later, a child’s body was found dumped in a field 15 miles away from the Paynes’ home. Forensics later confirmed that it was Sarah Payne. She had been strangled and suffocated.

Roy Whiting, a local sex offender, was quickly questioned by police. Routinely, all sex offenders have to be questioned by police following the abduction and/or murder of a child, but several pieces of evidence tied Whiting to the case. After hours of questioning, he managed to escape and flee in a stolen Corsa. After a 70MPH high speed chase, he crashed into a parked car and was arrested for dangerous driving. While serving his 22-month prison sentence, police found DNA in a white van belonging to the pedophile that matched Sarah’s. He was convicted and remains in the maximum security prison, Wakefield, located in Yorkshire. After the terrible murder of her daughter, Sarah’s mother campaigned for a new law to be introduced. The aim of the campaign was for the government to allow controlled access to the sex offender registry, so parents with young children could know if a child sex-offender was living in their area. Sarah Payne’s mother has always insisted that such a law would have saved her daughter’s life. The service was successful and introduced in 2011.