#kim junsu #how do you get up in the morning knowing you are the embodiment of perfection #how does it feel #does it feel good that you are ruining lives #are you proud of yourself #fuck you sir

I’m sure he enjoys it very, very much

#yoochun #jyj #kpop #kpop that isn’t junsu #taehlor is going to be extra proud of me #there is something about yoochun’s face that is overwhelmingly sad for some reason #i don’t even know what i’m saying #i just now that i approve of your everything okay #except for that one time your hair was weird

…except for that ONE time? Uh… not a one time but okay..

Things to do.

1. Do the December 26th graphic.
2. Say hi to hellokillerkitty. (DONE!)
3. Troll different people after the ask limit. (DONE! - Reached the ask limit again. Darn)
4. Say TROLL/LOL WAT to Reexa. (DONE!)
5. Buy Toblerone.
6. Cry because of TVXQ.
7. Read fanfics.
8. Make the final letters for Elisabeth Mei.
9. Troll more people.
10.Follow more blogs. (first like/reply here, I’ll follow you. Not kidding.) (DONE!)

#21 Someday I'll marry Yoochun and I'll have his babies!

Actually we will have a really small and secret wedding somewhere in the beach (tvxqism will be our witness) and we’ll live our lives happilly in my ‘Planet Yoochun’ and our lovely country 'Yoochunia’. Later when our three sons will born we we’ll be a completed family <3

Yoochun and I will love our boys so much and their uncles (the rest DBSK members) will be visiting us with their wives!

And last but not least happytvxq and Yoohwan oppa will marry after us and then I won’t ask for anything else since oppa will be as happy as we’ll be! <3

And now I wonder how many of you will unfollow me because I have big dreams and even bigger mouth!