#21 Someday I'll marry Yoochun and I'll have his babies!

Actually we will have a really small and secret wedding somewhere in the beach (tvxqism will be our witness) and we’ll live our lives happilly in my ‘Planet Yoochun’ and our lovely country 'Yoochunia’. Later when our three sons will born we we’ll be a completed family <3

Yoochun and I will love our boys so much and their uncles (the rest DBSK members) will be visiting us with their wives!

And last but not least happytvxq and Yoohwan oppa will marry after us and then I won’t ask for anything else since oppa will be as happy as we’ll be! <3

And now I wonder how many of you will unfollow me because I have big dreams and even bigger mouth!


Sorry this is coming from a stranger but Happy Birthday Mei!


You’re an amazing person and as much as I’d love to spam you, I shall do that later when I’m sure you’re around or I’ll just babble when I see you on Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and I hope you like your presents from me. You’re quickly becoming a little sister to me and I hope you realize that means that you’re going to get spoiled and yelled at when you don’t take care of yourself. 妹妹, 我爱你.

You have the biggest and most extensive love of Junsu I’ve ever seen. I know I love to troll you because your name is Elisabeth and he’s in Elisabeth das Musikal but I troll out of love.

You’re another year older and another year wiser, hopefully, but I hope that you never lose the things that make you who you are.

I followed you on a whim, to be honest. I was looking for new DBSK blogs to follow and I saw yours and realized you were cool. I remeber talking to you and finding out you live not to far from me and plotting to meet up while I was at school. Now I’m home and we finally get to meet. I’ve never regretted getting to know you and letting you see me and know my personal blog like I have with a few people.

I’ll see you Tuesday and I’ll have cookies~


tvxqism replied to your post

I never saw your selca, so I went on your blog, and I’m dying, oh my goodness. THE CHUNFACES ALL OVER THE PLACE. I can’t focus on your kawaii perfect gorgeous cute adorable face ahkjdfhakj

OMG MEI. xDDD Aren’t they adorable? Little chuns falling all over the place. =w= I’m proud of my work. xD 

Oh! I sent your card today. 

tvxqism replied to your post: That awkward moment when you accidentally delete your “My Documents” in your laptop/computer permanently.

; A ; did you try clicking Ctrl + Z? Usually that works for me if you didn’t close out the window or anything ahsdjkfsa

it didn’t work, i’ve tried it already ;A; actually, that stupid “my documents” erased itself, i heard the sound (the sound like when you open the folder) a few times and when i checked “my documents” (i want to edit my homework) voila! all of the folders there disappeared! ;A;

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Why did they have to announce it on april fools day! It's obvious that no one would believe it omg! I had my doubts too but then I looked at junsu pictures and idkkkkk it’s so weird!!!! idk what to think tbh! but look! it kind of looks like the stylist is putting the wig on no? omfg thats really weird mei whats going on