Look at Suho doing it right. Older groups PAVED THE WAY and now their juniors keep spreading k-pop. So i would appreciate if SOME PEOPLE AND FANDOMS would stop trying to ruin Super Junior’s come back. These legends are paving the way to the latin market for YOUR FAVS so chill … 😊

Suho 👌🏻 good boy 😇

As soon as someone find out I like kpop: KpOP bOYs LoOk LikE GiRls


*cracks fingers*

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Try me bitch

(Edit. I know some do look like girls and that is fine. They are all gorgeous let’s face it. I was just making a point 🙄🙄)

Te: child abuse

This KPOP band called The East Light have been victims of child abuse from their company Media Line Entertainment. Even receiving death threats in case they said anything.

Their leader, finally decided to speak up about what has been going on and need our help !!!!!! Please you don’t have to like their music, but we need to spread this information!!