PSA to New and Old Kpop Fans

For New fans:

1. There were legends before your favorite groups. Respect their legacy and what they did for your groups. Your faves are in Japan promoting? Thank BoA, who helped break through national tensions between the two countries when she was only 13 years old. Your faves have a hip hop concept? Bigbang was one of the first Idol groups to incorporate hip hop/rap music motifs into kpop. Do you like tough girl concepts? Thank groups like f(x), 2ne1, and 4 minute who broke the cute girl model and made different styles trendy.

2. Just because your favorite group is outselling or beating an older group on music shows does not mean that the older group is irrelevant. Trends change, older groups may not have young fandoms who have the time to buy 15 copies of an album or go to every fanmeet. Older groups have fans who have careers, families and whatnot, So they may not get the most votes but they still matter, and still did so much in their prime. Do not ignore that and be mindful of what you say.

For Old Fans:

1. Just because a new group beats out your older group’s records does not take away from the greatness of the older group. Kpop has changed so much over the past years, and the opportunities that newer groups have to interact with fans all over the world with the internet and youtube and sns has just made it easier for groups these days to get big followings. Understand these factors and recognize that your favorite older groups didn’t have that, and because of that their records will be beaten on day in the future. But it’s ok, because what your fave did in the year they did it was most likely incredible. 

2. Do not become hostile to newer groups and blame them for the disbandment of older legends. Twice did not cause the wonder girls to disband. Blackpink did not cause 2ne1 to disband. The fact is, it’s the company’s responsibility to promote and support all groups under their roster. It was not blackpink’s fault that YG was being neglectful of other groups. the fact is blackpink is a victim of YG’s shit promotions as their debut was put on hold for 4 years, as the wait to debut caused tons of trainees to leave the company in frustration. Twice is also a victim in JYP’s terrible management, as while groups like the Wonder Girls are neglected, Twice are overworked. Stop blaming the younger groups and start blaming the actual companies, who need to learn not to overwork their trend idols and to treat their loyal artists with respect rather than treating them like trash.

You can't call yourself a fan if you:

1. Attack members of the group you stan (why would you ever)
2. Say another member is getting undeserved love/attention (almost every idol I’ve seen deserves love and attention)
3. Call members ugly (they probably aren’t)
4. Calling another group’s members ugly (how dare you)
5. Blame a successful member for the misfortune of the other member or members. (They have no control over how they’re being promoted or how their albums sell)
6. Hate a member (probably for no good reason)
7. Attack other groups or provoking other fandoms (mind your own business)
8. Hate other groups (also for no good reason)
9. Hate girl groups (why would you ever. They are great)
10. Hate a member of a girl group for just looking in “oppa’s ” direction (so tired of seeing this)
11. Use girl groups for only shipping purposes (don’t get me started)
12. Over sexualizing under aged member of any gender (they are tiny babies. Leave them alone)
13. Blaming/insulting a member for doing something they were told to do or had no control over ( It’s probably not their fault)

I probably missed somethings add if you like but as always please be polite.

When You Hear a Kpop Song In Public
  • Friend: ohgodnopls
  • Me: 🌚🌚
  • Friend: pls dont start
  • Me: shawTY IMMA PARTy tiLL THe suN DOwn
  • Friend:
  • Me: Yeah lovE ME RIGHt uhUH
You know what? I'm pissed at the whole kpop fandom.

And do you wanna know why? Because more than half of you don’t give a damn about idols. I know more than half of you are gonna be like “bbb-but onica we dooo care about them!” Or “bbbbb-but onica I do care about them see my entire blog is dedicated to this idol!!” No, you fucking don’t. You don’t care about these people, you’re fucking obsessed with these people. I’ve seen countless people say “I love this idol” “I care about this idol” if you cared so much about this idol you would speak up when you see people white wash their photos.

If you did care so much about Bom you would be concerned that YG bullied her so often about her appearance that she got 4-5 surgeries done.

If you did care so much about Yunho you would be concerned that an anti poisoned his drink and he was hospitalized for over three days, he now suffers with PTSD from that.

If you did care so much about Jooheon you would be concerned that when an interviewer asked how he got so thin he answered with “all you have to do is starve”.

If you did care so much about INFINITE you would not only be concerned you would be enraged that SNL Korea treated them like that.

If you really did care about B1A4 you would be beyond concerned, you’d be hysterical that people actually treat idols like that.

That people treat idols like property. That peoples treat idols like pieces of clay that they can just bend and shape to whatever they want them to be.

Even “fans” do it. They get this idea that because they spend so much time watching them on camera or meeting them at fan meets that they actually know them. But beside the 5 minutes you spent saying hello and getting what ever merch you have signed doesn’t count as getting to know them. That’s like saying that person you always see in the halls is your best friend.

You don’t know these people and there’s a 99% chance that you never will. They’re not your property they are people. So stop treating them as such.


please bring this disgusting thief career to its end, it’s a time when all kpop fandoms should unit, insulting  and disrespecting a group’s creativity and hard work, making ignorant racist comments towards vixx and kpop fans as well as taking away the freedom of people to enjoy whatever music they so please and questioning their love for their country.

He actually said this for turkish kpop fans:

please help us bring him down, even if you’re not a starlight you know damn well how hard any group works, they practise for days, sleep on floors and wherever corner they could find, endure hate and injuries just so to present quality music and performances and treat their fans. Please don’t let their effort be used by a talentless wannabe

don’t tag or mention him on social media because he’s provoking us deliberatly to get verified, just report his accounts
twitter: @    kursunofficial
instagram: @    kursunofficial34

Thank you so much