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Yunho and Changmin have been spotted at SM Cafe together today!!! Seems a manager was w them too~ [x][x]

160827 “When Yunho arrives, Changmin gave him a salute and a big warm hug. I’m not even cassiopea but the scene warms my heart.” [sc]


Cutie 😄 👉 #changmin #TVXQ #WaitingforChangmin

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calling all fan artists out there! sm entertainment has announced the launching of a new online plaform, fanbook, which will allow artists to set up their own portfolios to share and show off their personal works of fanart. the platform is still in the pre-launch phase but, to celebrate it’s actual launch, sm is calling on artists who are willing to show off their skills in a fanart contest. submissions may be submitted from august 9th - august 31st (kst) and those that are selected will be put on display at both the smtown coex atrium and sm’s communication center. the winners will also be given special unannounced prizes if chosen. those selected will be announced on september 7th (kst). all enteries are to be submitted here! (the site is in english!) for those who are not wanting to participate you can simply look at all of the already submitted pieces by clicking on the watch artworks button. good luck to those participating! (source)

It’s downright terrifying that soooo many so called fans spend so much of their precious time to follow around and stalk their bias or “oppa”. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand the motive for that kind of obsessive behavior and it honestly needs to stop because it’s downright disgusting.