And Jack will never ever know. I think he’d forgive you, but the truth of your actions still won’t go away, you did stop him from completing his mission. Not that he was ever going to succeed now that the last episode forecast his destiny, but still.

He’s been beaten up worse before. Just last episode in fact.

The scene of a massacre.

Even if he agrees to let it come with him, the nature of this show means there’s no way we’ll see it next episode. Which bugs me all the moreso.

This is your life now Jack. Until the next episode.

And they lived happily ever after. Until the next episode.

The mood whiplash between this highly comical episode and the last, incredibly important one, was pretty severe, especially lacking a buffer episode between them. Even beyond that, I don’t really feel that much coming from this episode. It didn’t really do anything for me. So that’s a 5/10, a perfectly average middle of the road score. That’s it.


Watch: Serena Williams just masterfully defended herself against a manipulative reporter and gave us all a world class lesson in self love at the same time

There are 101 ways this exchange could’ve gone differently. However, Williams’ concise directive, “You should apologize,” did more than demand kindness. It demanded accountability for rudeness. Well done. This is truly the perfect lesson in “How to respond to respond rude people in 2017.”

Gifs: Australian Open TV


He’s autographing his wanted poster for them :D

Feels good man.

Given how much those hats mean to Jack, this is a really strong symbol. Also he literally just pulled that out of the back of his robe like HOW?


I’ve never seen Jack this excited to murder before. Not that I blame him but…

Sweet, delicious karma.

The following scene: too explicit for a children’s cartoon. Rip those jerks, amirite? I am right.

And that’s season 2! I was thinking for a while this episode was a 6/10, a lot of the humour didn’t fly with me, but the scene with the family was so strong that it earned an extra point all on its own, so 7/10!

Season 3’s up next, what it does next, who can say? I’m looking forward to it. See you then!

Much more subdued than the season one finale, but seeing people so happy that Jack exists and is around brings a smile to my face.

This is so nice I can’t stop smiling. I’m so glad something good is happening to Jack today.

Hey! This little kid was like “we know you’ll beat Aku someday”. Hey Jack! Go fight Aku in this time! Please!

This episode as a whole is kind of hit and miss for me but this scene is one of the best hits in the entire series so far.

Wow he’s just cutting Aku down right now. Uh, TIMBERRRRRR

Damn, Jack, I feel really bad for you knowing Aku is fine. Cause you deserved that win.

… cute

God that voice makes me laugh.

Really Jack? Just letting him go? Come on, seal the deal buddy.

Another night without sleep. Go find somewhere to take a rest my guy, you deserve it.

Anyway that’s episode 30! An excellent extended fight scene and a fantastic reminder that Aku just can’t beat Jack, even if he displayed far more terrifying power than ever before. I’m teetering between 7 and 8 for this, but I think I’ll go with 7/10. Thanks for reading!

I respect your willingness to punch this brute in the face Jack but seriously, go get your sword.

Yeesh, well, that’s a loss. Gotta admit, didn’t expect this guy to be as top tier as he was, so that one’s on me. Good effort, Jack.

Hahahaha, time portal chooses Jack.

Hmm nope, they’re sending Jack away. Come back when stronger? Come back when Aku is vanquished? What’s the deal? Also I didn’t see Jack’s sword being put with him so ??? uh???



Holy crap guys. Holy crap. I did NOT realise that the time jump in season 5 was a planned thing, I thought it was a surprise to everyone. To see it forecast in the show, to see that Jack has a duty in the future before being allowed to return to the past, it’s blowing my mind. This is the single most important episode of the entire show thus far and it is destroying me. I cannot believe this.

It was when I was complimenting the music that I realised, this is actually a good episode. You guys, this is actually a really good episode. The art and the music were glorious. Then the 1v1 I’ve been waiting for all this time.

And then this? This conclusion which is just so… I can’t even put this into words. But I can put it into a number. That I can do.

10/10. It couldn’t be anything less.

Samurai Jack Episode 30

As much as I can be a potty-mouth in casual conversation, I tend to avoid swearing in content I’m actually making. So I want to impart upon you all how significant it is that, while streaming Nier Automata today, I audibly and uncontrollable said “holy shit” out loud.

This is a good game, guys. Anyway, time for Samurai Jack.

Alright well we’re off to a good start because I immediately recoiled backwards the moment this thing start screaming. Great. Good.

Sup Aku, feeling mad at how ineffectual you are vis a vis dealing with Samurai Jack?


He’s so grumpy today! Sounds like he’s on the verge of erupting. This is going to be good.

There it is.

Well, here’s Aku. Now what?

It would be, SO FUNNY, if Jack was faking this to let Aku come within range so he could attack.

Hahahaha nevermind they want to keep Jack as a challenge to keep going after.

Or their pride just demands they let him go free. There we go.

Forgot they were high tier magicians like you, huh Aku?

Suck it.

I wonder how Jack feels about this? He conclusively lost here. It’s not like he has to be the singular best and most unbeatable in the universe, he’s already capable of whooping Aku, but it must bug him. He’s never been beaten so badly before.

He has a lot to think about.

This episode was super good! From Aku being properly villainous, displaying power yet also fearful of Jack, to the Imakandi being the literal greatest hunters in the universe, to the full on hunt scene between them and Jack, it was all really really good. I feel perfectly happy giving this episode a 10/10, I had a great time with it!

I’ll see you guys for the next one!

Samurai Jack Episode 26

Did one of my largest streams in a long time today, so I’m understandably pretty tired, but I’m still in the mood for some Samurai Jack. Today marks the end of Season 2 and the halfway point to being up to Season 5. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Season 1 finale, but we’ll see what S2 has for me now, won’t we?

Well Jack’s starring in this episode so it’s immediately different to the last season finale. It took long enough for the camera to focus on him for me to get this shot that I was starting to wonder if the entire episode was going to be framed such that we never saw him directly.

Huh, Jack’s making a new hat. I guess the hat isn’t part of the magical clothing set after all.

Time for another flashback to break my heart, fair enough.

Reminder that Jack is royalty and while out with his mother had a bard, archer and another looking over them.

I wonder if the way his mother made that hat is the actual way they’re made?

The animation on this fight is really good and fluid, it’s very high tier. I’m not sure when the shadow vs light fight in this is, presuming season 4, but I’m starting to see the quality that could result in it, which I didn’t see in seasons 1 and 2.

Aku’s really not letting up today, if he kept this level of harassment going for long enough he should definitely be able to burn Jack down. Why hasn’t he?

Another night without sleep, huh Jack?

That face says it all.

Ten out of ten for Jack blocking the explosion and avoiding a terrible tragedy. So happy that everything’s going to work out okay.

Oh the tragedy was Jack! The King lost track of him in the explosions and thought he perished.

Don’t you just love load-bearing bosses?

I’m fascinated by this scene because they’re telling a tale of Jack twenty or thirty years in the future. So depending on how you think of time travel and parallel worlds, this would right now confirm Jack never goes back. I don’t know much about season 5 but I think I recall it was set 80 years from now and Jack doesn’t age because of the time magic that cast him here and it’s so weird to think that while this story is being told, he’s still out there, doing his thing.

Time magic is weird my dudes.

The 300+1. My heart.

Man that was fantastic! One of the best looking and sounding episodes of the show yet. However even given that, it’s not a 10/10 for me - a very good 9/10, but not quite a 10/10. Nonetheless I had a great time, even if this liveblog is a little shorter than normal.

Next episode is the last of season 2. Who knows if I’m ready for that. We’ll find out next time.

If you are the greatest hunters in the universe, you can sense the threat level Jack now possesses. Back down. If your pride will let you.

Poor choice.


Why do they keep drugging Jack? It’s okay, superhuman, he can tank this.

Hey buddy, while you’re diving after Jack right now, I just want to let you know one tiny, little thing. You’re separated from your pack.

Awww come on that would have been so badass. Dang Jack, guess that snake really had a potent toxin in it after all.

Hey Jack? You know how I’ve been joking about force-calling your sword the past few liveblogs? It’s uh, it’s time to pull that one out of the hat.

I’m almost certain that you can’t properly hurt Jack with that sword, the two are magically linked. It wouldn’t make sense.

How did it take Aku this long to become competent and threatening? And how will Jack get through this? These are the questions that plague me.

For someone who, even in this current time, was most recently completely thrashed by Jack, Aku is putting up an incredible fight this time. I’m not sure why. Was he lifting in secret while hiding from Jack?

Good going Jack for procuring those weapons from the zombies lurking about, A+ quick thinking.