tvvt photos


I almost forgot about these.  My husband and I took these “mugshots” when we were in Chicago back in August, 2012.  We stayed a few nights at the Hard Rock Hotel there and their bar was called “Angels & Kings”.  Although the nightclub was quaint and classy, they had ongoing slides of famous rock stars and their infamous mugshots.  On the side of the room was a place to take your own, so there you go.


So it’s been about a week of hoping to find my camera, or hoping someone would contact us, saying they found it.  Since we’re going to be on vacation next week and it’s going to be a pretty big deal, we finally bit the bullet and decided to buy another.

Best Buy didn’t have the same Sony Cyber-Shot, but we did manage to find one with a few upgrades.  This new camera has the ability to do a series of quick photos and also do panoramic!

Although I’m still dealing with some guilt about losing the other camera, I’m trying to rationalize how mistakes can happen and that I was very protective and careful with my camera up until a week ago.  I think I may have had it for almost 2 years, so hopefully that says something.

Anyway here you go.  Yes, I actually took a picture of my new camera.  Isn’t it purty? 

Can I just say...

This weekend has been an amazing uplifting time.  Minnesota has had a pretty mild and extremely short winter this year.  Yet hearing the frogs chirping in our back yard again; hearing and feeling the warm breeze through our trees has done wonders for my spirits.

Just tonight in the last hour we’ve been visited by a few of our backyard buddies.  I wanted to share them with you.

Never seen a frog this color so was a special Spring treat.

I love how his tail is curling.  Even though I gave him a little bath, BooBoo’s hair still got all over him.  We’re going to let him go after our daughter gets home and gets to say hello to him.