based on a scene from the movie Lilo&Stitch.

Underfell Bros based on the style of @hiimtryingtounderfell

Damn, I love drawing those two dorks and that last ask where sans shoved the baby pics of Papy was just the best..

They like, were totally like this. Papy a lil brat and sans just a troll. He learned he could get anything he wants by yelling alright. Even sans will get up……eventually.


Sketches I did yesterday at @sansfulpuns drawpile yay!

I seriously didn’t expect it to be so much fun and first of all I didn’t expect to find all these adorable and sweet people! I really wanna thank every one of you for being so nice to me and also hope I can make it to future drawpiles and chill with you again ^^ you don’t know how much i regret joining just now aghhh