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Can you please help me??? Today's renewal on Tumblr sucks. Neither on my phone, nor on my computer can I change options of "safe search" (that doesn't allow me to see all marked "nsfw"). Where's this magic button that can change this? I can't really find it. Btw, your nsfw blog is the main reason why I want to change it xD (Sorry for my English: I haven't practiced it since May)

Omg bby ok2 since a lot of people wanna see my nsfw blog… I’m gonna change the setting for the nsfw blog. Oh god why did Tumblr do this shit to us TvT

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I can u request a scenario where s/o is afraid of the dark and thunder and Ouma comforts her during one of the rainy nights (Hope I made sense TvT)

Oh my , this one is really cute !!! Btw , your request was clear soo don’t worry !!! Bless you and hope you will enjoy !!!

Ouma reconforting his S/O who is afraid of the dark and thunder :

. Ouma was sleeping peacefully when he heard little noises .

. He instantly woke up and turned his face next to him . He expected to see you but you weren’t here .

. He slowly get up and strarted to follow the source of the little noises . The more he was near , the more the noises sounded like little sobs .

. It was a rainy night so the house was more darker than usual . He somehow managed to end up in front of the bathroom .

. When he openned the door , he found you shaking and sobbing on the floor  . Each time the thunder was roaring , you were letting a little scream and began to shake more harder . You were totally scared.

. Honestly , he hit his nerds to see you like that . Who dare to scare his dear S/O like that ?!!!! 

. “  Hey ,S/O-chan…? C’mere , what happened ?”

. He sat next to you and pulled you on a big hug . You explained to him that since a long time , you’re scared of the thunder and the dark . He was listenning to you and rubbing your back until you calmed down .

. He actually knows how you feel cuz he was the same before he met you .

. “ It’s okay S/O-chan ! You don’t have to be scared anymore ! As a supreme ruler , I will not let anyone or anything scare you so don’t worry , I will stay by your side ! Nishishi ~”

. You two ended up to return to the bed and as he promised , Ouma stayed by your side all the night and made sure you feel safe …

DROP THE MAMBO (ft. Lance)  ► animation meme ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

mambo was created in cuba
lance is cuban
and his hips never lie

“I never want to be the person who brings harm to you, I didn’t want to be another Rika in your life. I never want you to be that man she made you into- I didn’t want you to make the same bad choices that led you down that path. Not because of me, not if I could help it.”

From To Misunderstand #7 by @serensama (thank you for letting me do this ^^)