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I said this to someone the other day. People think shouting that they hate a character all over social media is a good way to get that character killed off. But all it does is let the network/producers/studios see that people are talking about the show. Chatter = win.

- Mandy, writer for TVSource Magazine via her Tumblr blog (12/4/13)

Lately I’ve been getting messages worrying about what X or Y is saying (and no, I’m not talking about stuff like the last post with the Blind Item thingie) or how to best support shows/character/couples/ships & making sure people “know” we love Oliver and Felicity, or worrying about other people talking “hate” about characters they like and that meaning bad things for that character’s future.

I hate seeing people worry about stuff like this.  See, the thing is people are going to do and act and talk and behave however they want. Nobody is going to stop them. 

This is why I keep saying: Don’t worry about what XYZ is saying about a fanbase. You don’t control that fanbase.  You can’t “control” your own fanbase.  You control you. Period. 

What you can control is who/what you choose to read, the sites you visit, whether you put yourself in a position to read nothing but hate for the things you like or to hang with people who love the things you do.  It’s all up to you. 

Oh and those ignore features on places like Tumblr, Twitter, etc.? Gold! They make it so easy to prune all that junk out of your day and stay in your Happy Bubble.

Anyway, what I can add to the above quote is another (non-Arrow related) comment from another executive producer from another show that helps demonstrate how TV as a business interprets things vs. how fans think things are interpreted, which people seem really concerned about lately.

When asked in 2009 how much fan comments help form storylines, Jill Farren Phelps said:

It depends – we certainly pay attention to what the fans say.  There was once an old-timer in the business who said, “If they’re mad, that’s good, they’re watching."  Sometimes you have to take into account that the thing that people say they don’t like is the same thing that’s keeping them glued to the set.

So it’s pretty clear how this works and how to best support stuff, right? 

Like something & want people to know it?  Talk about it! Be excited and vocal and visible.

Don’t like something?  Don’t talk about it.  Period.  Just… silence.

It really is that simple.

Above all else?  Please don’t stress over online stuff or what somebody else who doesn’t like the stuff you do says. 

Like what you like, embrace it, be passionate about it and just block everything else out.  Never feel you have to explain or justify those things.

But most importantly?  Remember that TV - whether its enjoying a show or a couple or a ship - shouldn’t be work.  It’s entertainment.  It should be fun!  So have fun! (and use those block features!)