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I always like those anime characters with dark, wild, ruffled, messy hair and a dark past, who have some darkness in them. If a character looks like that, I will always love that character the most somehow. They always turn out to be my favourites!


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[4/10] male characters=*Captain James T. Kirk (alternate reality 2009-2016)*

“-Unity is not your strength. It is your weakness.
-I think you underestimate humanity.” ​​​​

Regarding the practice of objectifying female characters in media like video games and comics and shows, it’s more reliable to present an example of objectification by gay male artists of male characters rather than that of women objectifying male characters

Because when you want to tell a guy why this

is actually fucking creepy, you can show them this

and insist this is just as objectifying: 

when it in fact is not, it being a male power fantasy more than any female objectification of male characters, which usually looks like this

But for a guy who grew up on the hyper masculine depictions of dudes in comics and instead of ascribing to the power trip, deciding to get off on these duds, you get something closer to home in this: 

it’s not about the state of undress or the design of the character, but the clear depiction of somebody the artist clearly wants to get it down with. Focus isn’t solely on how strong his muscles are, but on his crotch and pecs and his come hither look

You want to express in the best way possible how it feels to be on the receiving end of masculine objectification you gotta go at it from the same place

So show them what it looks like when male characters get the same treatment from male artists 

Steve Rogers reacting to your death Would Involve

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  • You would be on a mission with Steve at the time.
  • When he sees that you are hurt he would run over to you, and hold you in his arms.
  • He will constantly tell you that you will be ok.
  • But you know you won’t.
  • Steve would hold you in his arms, until you take your final breath.
  • He would then break down.
  • He would still be holding you for a long time, after.
  • He would be mad at himself, because he never told you that he was in love with you.
Favorite Male Characters on TV

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Dean Winchester - Supernatural

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Castiel - Supernatural

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy - The Original Series (TOS) Star Trek

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Rumpelstiltskin - Once Upon a Time

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Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones

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Hoban “Wash” Washburne - Firefly

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What are your favorite types of men do you find most charming? Fictional characters? I think you said you're bisexual? Because you talk a lot about women, I am curious about your opinion on 'the other side' about multi-faced male characters that aren't stereotypes. If you are lesbian and not attracted to men then forget this ask...

I like multi-faceted male characters quite a bit. For instance, just in the DanRon series, I really like Yadorigi from DRK because his arc is centered around his compulsion to want to seek revenge for his partner’s murder, but he also has a lot of interesting details about him like his past as a ballet dancer, and his highly sensitive eyes. I like Ryuuzouji too, because he’s this badass disabled old man who takes his pills with hard liquor and can multi-task like a mofo, and is simultaneously humanitarian but helping Shinsen with the Committee by setting up all the Duel Noir. I like Hiroyuki from DRT for being a sassy little shit who has moments of what seems to be sincere sentimentality. Not super multi-faceted, but I like Hoshi because he’s way more done with life and depressed than the “attractive” characters who get all the spotlighting. Etc. etc.

Basically I just get frustrated with male characters who feel like they were carefully crafted to appeal to a certain audience, and I get frustrated when the gender dynamics are vastly uneven. People writing off the female characters as less important or well-written or whatever also pisses me off.

If you’re asking what I like to look at physically in a guy (since you mentioned what I’m attracted to), I tend to like stockier dudes with beards! Definitely have a soft spot for guys with a bit of pudge, though a guy who’s big in a muscley way is also A+++.

I died a little bit inside 

Magnus would have A LOT of fun

Fictional Male Characters Meme

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Rules: List 10 of your favourite male characters (from 10 fandoms but meh, we’ll see) and tag 10 people.

Note: This changes so much, just…this is a current opinion lmao. Also order can be mixed.

1. Legolas Thranduilion from Lord of the Rings

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Just look at his Baby face. Also I must say I fell in more love with him as he is in fanfic, they really have his little shit thing down for the count. Like his ‘you look terrible’ and ‘I go to find the sun’ combined from movie and book <3. Also he’s an archer. Bonus Elf + Archer points. Aragorn is close second in this fandom, friendship dream team for fanfic.

2. Perseus Jacksom from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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God(s) don’t make me think of the movie Adaption but I didn’t want to use fanart gifs. Also this reflects his all out confusion through all of his books lmao. Also, he gets sarcasm and water power bonuses. 

3. Phillip (Agent) Coulson from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

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Look at this dork. He’s No. 1 Cap fanboy (+ Nerdbonus points) and leader of the organization he loves so much and just such a dork man. Been through so much (like dying!!) and came out on top, mainly because he has put together such a good team that stick with him through anything. Sorry, I just love this show. Fitz was close second or rather it was hella hard to decide between the two.

4. Steven Universe from Steven Universe (Mh)

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Just wholesome little Steven. I love that he’s allowed to be emotional all the damn time. He cries so often and is never made feel less because of it. He’s surrounded by badass ladies and such a soft boy.

5. Thor Odinson from the Marvel Movies

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I miss his long hair already D:. Out of the Avengers def my fav. Though I love many others in the MCU as well at least with Ragnarok he’s climbed the list considerably. 

6. Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

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My small angry son. Golden Boy. Emotional in his…own way lmao. I think only Teenage Boy I was rl okay with and loved.

7. Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer

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Look at those magnificent wings. Of course the women in Lucifer are what shines for me but I did kinda fall for him too (lmao). I like his development and am curious where it is going to go in the future. Also he’s pretty much a 180 to ace characters ahaha…mh. 

8. Merlin from BBC Merlin

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Look at Goldy Eyes Cheekbones boy. This show was a thing for me back in the day and I pretty much named my cat after him so he had to be here. Also he is a v detailed and interesting character so yeh.

9. Hakuryuu Kija from Akatsuki no Yona

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This anime!! Look at this dragon dork. White Dragon Kija is a cutie and precious. Another ace coded person on here…mh. I see a system. 

10. Steve Harrington from Stranger Things

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This is recent and will probably fall of the list soon but had so many more…..I’m rl not good at these.But he grew into such a loving mother hen and I loved that.

Many of this are temporary, some all time favs didn’t make it like the Doctor or Aang or even fucking Dean Winchester man. Or any B99 Character. Or Sherlock Holmes (Elementary). Ned the Piemaker?? Also almost all Game Characters (Cause I feel like the player really influences their character sometimes??). There’s just so much to choose from. 

In General I’d say I favor the male characters that are allowed to have a soft side, that are allowed to show feelings (yes, even Thor, that’s why the last movie was also v good), and that’s why there’s so many more cartoon or Anime characters here? I don’t know. Also, Wings, Superpowers (esp water related), Nerdiness and Archers always get bonus points, not gonna lie. Also guys that are just out for sex are dropping off the list almost automatically (Lucifer is a VERY rare exception here but come on he’s the devil and also had great character development in that aspect) so that rules out…many, unfortunately. In general I noticed I’m much more enthusiastic pointing out my female favs so maybe I’ll take care to reblog a few more male favs too :). I just always feel like the females need more love x).

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10 favourite characters

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1. George Warleggan (Poldark).

2. Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon a Time).

3. Loki (MCU).

4. Thomas Barrow (Downton Abbey).

5. Freddie Threepwood (Blandings).

6. Abel Magwitch (Great Expectations).

7. The Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell).

8. Donald Farfrae (The Mayor of Casterbridge).

9. Thranduil (The Hobbit/Tolkien).

10. The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who).

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I think I’m in the same boat as Arin Hanson in why I usually play as the girl.
I like female characters more since they’re not viewed as seriously as male characters. Like in the sense of female characters can be tough and feminine at the same time without being portrayed as ‘weak’. With guys it’s almost always ‘I’m a badass’ and 'this is serious’.
I tend to like male characters like Aang (avatar), Gohan (dbz), Superman, Steven Universe, Marco (Star vs TFOE) & Ash (Pokemon) who’re dorks and want to have a good time but understand when it’s time to put your foot down. But I tend to find way more girls like that in media. Most of the time guys like that are the comic relief or are portrayed as 'working past their wimp factor’.
I dunno if my ramblings make any sense. But basically, guys in video games & shows can be 'feminine’ without being a joke.

Let male characters have deep and emotional bonds with each other without labeling them as being gay. 

Not every male duo wants to bang each other. 

Headcanons are fine and dandy. But I’m sick of people saying: “This character is gay and he wants to fuck his best friend”. 

Like…..stop. Just let them be bros….what’s wrong with that?