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Getting real tired of ignoring/outright hating actually great male characters because they’re “straight white dudes”
Like Jace Wayland who is a victim of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his father, is important in the emphasis of platonic/familial love through his bond with Alec and for the “family doesn’t equal blood” theme.
Or Bellamy Blake (who isn’t even white yet gets accused of having “straight white male” privilege) who breaks expectations of masculinity (as well has having a borderline abusive childhood)
Or Killian Jones who-as well as being another victim of child abuse and also government oppression and exploitation-is a disabled man who is shown to be struggling with his disability and also goes against social constructions of masculinity.
As much as I live for strong and complex women, we need well written men in fiction too.
Male abuse victims whose trauma isn’t used in a ‘man pain Tragic Backstory’ type of way but they react to it and we then see them recover
Men who actively subvert toxic masculinity.
Disabled men who aren’t shown to be any less
Men who treat women as equals
Men who don’t conform to gender norms.
Men can, and often are, be important for representation. Male abuse victims, disabled men and men of colour are all important and should not be brushed off because they are men

I think I’m in the same boat as Arin Hanson in why I usually play as the girl.
I like female characters more since they’re not viewed as seriously as male characters. Like in the sense of female characters can be tough and feminine at the same time without being portrayed as ‘weak’. With guys it’s almost always ‘I’m a badass’ and 'this is serious’.
I tend to like male characters like Aang (avatar), Gohan (dbz), Superman, Steven Universe, Marco (Star vs TFOE) & Ash (Pokemon) who’re dorks and want to have a good time but understand when it’s time to put your foot down. But I tend to find way more girls like that in media. Most of the time guys like that are the comic relief or are portrayed as 'working past their wimp factor’.
I dunno if my ramblings make any sense. But basically, guys in video games & shows can be 'feminine’ without being a joke.

I died a little bit inside 

Magnus would have A LOT of fun

If female writers like Hiromu Arakawa and J.K. Rowling can write male characters like Edward Elric and Harry Potter very well, what excuse to male writer have for not being able to write female characters well or at all (glares at Reki Kawahara).

Top 10 X-men male characters

Alright, here is the list of my top 10 favorite male characters from X-men.

10. Wolverine

Real name: James Logan Howlett                                                                    Powers: Healing and defensive powers, superhumanly acute senses, strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, insulated weather adaptation, adamantium claws, psionic resistance                                                                                  Portrayed by: Hugh Jackman

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9. Colossus

Real name: Piotr Rasputin                                                                                   Powers: Organic steel transformation                                                              Portrayed by: Daniel Cudmore, in Deadpool voiced by Stefan Kapičić

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8. Angel/Archangel

Real name: Warren Worthington III                                                                     Powers: Wings, Aerial adaptation, Superhuman Stamina and durability, Regenerative healing factor, conditionally techno-organic wings, flight, energy blasts, resurrection, essence vision                                 Portrayed by: Ben Hardy, before by Ben Foster   

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7. Cyclops

Real name: Scott Summers                                                                                  Powers: Optic blast, spatial awareness, energy resistance                       Portrayed by: Tye Sheridan, before by James Marsdenn   

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6. Iceman

Real name: Robert  Drake                                                                                   Powers: Thermokinesis, cryokinesis, hydrokinesis                                         Portrayed by: Shawn Ashmore  

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5. Magneto

Real name: Max Eisenhardt                                                                                 Powers: Magnetokinesis, electromagnetic spectrum manipulation, telepathic resistance                                                                                              Portrayed by: Michael Fassbender, before by Ian McKellen   

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4. Nightcrawler

Real name: Kurt Wagner                                                                                     Powers: Teleportation, subconscious spatial awareness, wall-crawling, flexible bone structure                                                                                       Portrayed by: Kodi Smit-McPhee, before by Alan Cumming    

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3. Deadpool

Real name: Wade Wilson                                                                                     Powers: Breaking the fourth wall, foreign chemical resistance, disease immunity,  immortality, superhuman everything                                                    Portrayed by: Ryan Reynolds

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2. Professor X

Real name: Charle Xavier                                                                                     Powers: Telepathy, mind control, turn into astral self                                           Portrayed by: James McAvoy, before by Patrick Stewart

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Honorable mentions: Gambit , Quicksilver , Havok , Northstar (he is first openly gay character in Marvel comics)

1. Beast

Real name: Henry Phillip McCoy                                                                           Powers: Genetic atavism                                                                                      Portrayed by: Nicholas Hoult, before by Kelsey Grammer 

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Hope you like the list.


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cheekygavin  asked:

I wasn't quite sure if you've answered this question before because I'm new to your blog, but do you have any tips in writing in first person when your main character is the opposite gender? For instance, I'm a female and I enjoy writing male characters as much as I like writing females, but sometimes I'm not sure if I'm writing them correctly. Like once a teacher yelled at me for my male character saying brunette instead of "brown hair" since he's a male and believes that men don't say brunette

Okay well first of all, your teacher is ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with calling a male character brunette. You wouldn’t say “yellow hair” instead of blonde, would you? So that’s ridiculous.

Honestly, the best way to do this would be to write your character and then maybe have it read over by a male that you trust so he could tell you if maybe they wouldn’t say something that you wrote or if they may react differently to a situation. 

Male and female characters aren’t really all that different. Don’t get scared of writing a character of the opposite gender.