Guess My Favorite Ships For A Promo - TvShows Edition - Game Finished

Okay, so, I’ve never did something like this, but let’s do it. :)

I’m bored and I don’t have anything to do, so, let’s do this :)


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Some clues for helping you :) They are not in order of preference, it’s just for you to have some clues ;)

1. Dawson’s Creek (Pacey and Joey)
2. The 100  (Bellamy and Clarke)
3. Veronica Mars (Logan and Veronica)
4. Outlander (Jamie and Claire)
5. Sleepy Hollow (Ichabod and Abbie)
6. Chasing Life (Leo and April)
7. The Royals (Eleanor and Jasper)
8. The Vampire Diaries (Klaus and Caroline)
9. Once Upon a Time (Hook and Emma)
10. Arrow (Oliver and Felicity)
11. Gossip Girl (Chuck and Blair)
12. One Tree Hill (Nathan and Haley)
13. Eye Candy (Tommy and Lindy)
14. The 100 (Wick and Raven)
15. The 100 (Abby and Kane)
16. Alice (the mini series from Syfy from 2009 ) (Alice and The Hatter)
17. My Mad Fat Diary (Finn and Rae)
18. One Tree Hill (Julian and Brooke)
19. Hart of Dixie (Zoe and Wade)
20. NCIS: LA (Kensi and Deeks)

The height difference😱😍🔥
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