Given the thin case against him, it is an outrage that he is being extradited to the US to face felony charges. No US citizen has ever been brought to the UK for alleged criminal activity on US soil. There is a disparity here that ought to raise concerns at the highest levels of government in both the US and UK.

Jimmy Wales: Richard O'Dwyer and the new internet war | Comment is free | The Guardian

From the beginning of the internet, we have seen a struggle between the interests of the “content industry” and the general public. Due to heavy lobbying and much money lavished on politicians, until very recently the content industry has won every battle. Internet users handed the industry its first major defeat earlier this year with the epicSopa-Pipa protestsover planned copyright laws that culminated in a widespread internet blackout and 10 million people contacting the US Congress to voice their opposition.

O'Dwyer is the human face of that battle, and if he’s extradited and convicted, he will bear the human cost. That’s why I’ve launched a petition on to ask the home secretary to stop his extradition – and why I hope you will sign it. Together, we won the battle against Sopa and Pipa. Together, we can win this one too.

If you have ever streamed a TV show online, particularly in Europe where many of the these haven’t been released or are so old they’re no longer available, please sign the petition. And even if you haven’t, please sign the petition. 

Rather than going after O'Dwyer for, I suggest that the US has bigger fish to fry if they want bring people to trial for “piracy” … they could start with Wall Street, for example. If the looting activities of banks there can’t be described as “piracy”, then the word has no meaning.

This public service announcement brought to you by someone who will be watching Episode 3 of True Blood Season 5 online tonight.