♛ A L I E N O R - television adaptation with Eva Green as Eleanor of Aquitaine; 10 episodes from 1137 to 1189 showing key events in the reign of Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most powerful women of the Middle Ages. Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right, she would go onto become queen-consort of France and later queen of England. [x]

Eleanor was a mature woman, mother, and grandmother. She exhibited great tenacity, political wisdom and amazing energy well into her 80s. With the well orchestrated marriages of her royal children and grandchildren occupying the thrones of England, France, and Germany, she could easily be called the “grandmother of Europe.” Moreover, through her efforts, unity and peace prevailed through much of Europe. From her beginnings, the Plantagenet reign lasted close to 300 years.

Eleanor was generous in support of religious orders, especially Fontevrault. She died in 1204 and was entombed in Fontevrault Abbey near her husband Henry and son Richard. Her tomb effigy shows her reading a Bible and is decorated with magnificent jewelry. Eleanor was said to be “beautiful and just, imposing and modest, humble and elegant,” and, as the nuns of Fontevrault Abbey wrote in their necrology, a queen “who surpassed almost all the queens of the world.”

Miss Claudette: Questo tuo fidanzato…com'è quando viene a trovarti?
Piper: È bello. È strano. Certe volte ti sembra di non avere abbastanza tempo. E poi, invece, altre volte hai la sensazione di averne troppo.
Miss Claudette: Che vuoi dire con questo?
Piper: Non c'è nessun menù, né il cestino del pane sul tavolo o la tv da guardare. Siamo solo noi, che ci guardiamo. E può essere bello. Dovrebbe esserlo. Però a volte vorrei distogliere lo sguardo. Qualcuno mi ha detto che tu non hai mai ricevuto visite. Posso chiederti perché?
Miss Claudette: Credo di aver distolto lo sguardo.
—  Orange Is The New Black. 

After the first version, and the second one, here’s another “Orphan Black” Simpsonized. I’ve added Jennifer, Sarah, Felix and Kira. Maybe we’ll see other clones in the future, but I don’t think I’ll update this once again :) Maybe I can put that on my Society6 shop if some of you want some print of this one. What do you think?