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In closing: Let it be known that I have accepted my place in the universe. I understand now. One week ago I knew nothing. Now I know. I have powers. Powers that are not humanly possible. Because I am no longer human. I am more than human. I am super human. I just don’t know what to call myself. So my friends, people of earth, I leave that to you.

Lightningface (2016) dir. Brian Petsos

#REALTALK… how has sense8 never won an editing award? in fact, it’s never even been Nominated for an editing award… like?? a series featuring Eight leads from Eight different cities across the globe (all filmed ON LOCATION, with multiple global film crews!!) who literally weave in + out of each other’s environments, seamlessly taking over each other’s bodies + minds, all while trying to act without suspicion in their own real world surroundings… joseph jett sally, joe hobeck, fiona colbeck and their entire editing teams make this pseudo-time-travel, out-of-body plot device feel tangible and easy to follow, without ever making the audience feel lost or confused on which character to focus on… and none of this has ever been given any recognition within the industry. i am….. disgusted.