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Hey there! Do you know where and when can we watch the Golden Globes of tonight?

Hi! The actual show airs at 8pm EST / 5pm PT aka in about 6 hours from now. The Pre-Show/Red Carpet coverage probably airs about an hour or so earlier.
So, some possible working links if you want to watch online are:

Red Carpet
:   1.  livenewschat
                       2.  eonline

Actual Show: 1. nbc
                        2. livenewschat
                        3. freetvall
                        4. tvpc


This Virgo & Taurus combination personifies practicality and common sense. Their personalities are mirror images of each other. Both Signs are logical, humble and strictly disciplined, possessing high moral and cultural standards. This family relationship may take time to develop, but gets stronger with time. Parent and child are immensely practical and have a strong set of principles. They enjoy the material comforts of life, and don`t mind working hard to get what they want. Neither has much time for emotions and theatrics. Both are sincere people, intensely devoted to one another. Virgo admires their Taurus` strength and dedication, while Taurus admires Virgo`s sharp intelligence. Taurus takes pride in the child`s achievements and Virgo in turn looks up to the Taurus parent as a role model. The best aspect of this relationship is their dedication to work towards the same goals. Their common interests and similar personalities make theirs a highly compatible family.

anonymous asked:

What are the first 5 things on your bookmarks?

  1. “First Wizarding War - Harry Potter Wiki” (lol I like to research my fanfic writing don’t judge meh)
  2. “Never Let Me Go” i don’t know why i do this to myself actually D:
  3. A random Jily fic
  4. tvpc’s list of channel livestreams because i’m a bad person
  5. The paintball episodes of Community because they are awesome