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Przychodzi w życiu człowieka taki czas, w którym dźwiga krzyż nasiąknięty bólem, cierpieniem, niespełnionymi marzeniami i brakiem radosnych perspektyw. Często ten krzyż nas przygniata. Ciężko jest wtedy wstać, ale ja ci mówię: wstań i walcz. To twoje życie, twój największy skarb!
—  Piotr Wyszomirski dla TVP Sport
Weird interview with Peter Prevc in Wisła for TVP Sport
  • <p> <b>Interviewer:</b> What would you do if you were't a ski jumper?<p/><b>Pero:</b> I have no idea, I guess I would be an university student.<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> We know you don't share a room with anyone during competitions, why is that so?<p/><b>Pero:</b> I've never really thought about this, but I also don't share a room with my brother Cene, since our characters are very different. He'd have to be quiet and couldn't do anything silly.<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> What do you enjoy besides ski jumping, also your favourite football club?<p/><b>Pero:</b> I like mountain hiking and hockey, NHL. And favourite club - it used to be FC Barcelona, now it's Maribor.<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> Who do you think is the best ski jumper ever?<p/><b>Pero:</b> I can't just name one, for sure Schlierenzauer or Ammann.<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> Are you friends with jumpers from other countries?<p/><b>Pero:</b> With Norwegians - Gangnes and Tande, but that's nothing special.<p/></p>