4th assignment at Sasha Dorogov’s animation school
Done in TVPaint.

Main task: we had to choose a famous character from any cartoon and make a complete scene where the character should walk, run and snake. It would be plus if the scene will be looks like a scene from corresponding movie.
I decided to choose Chel from “The Road to El Dorado” (DreamWorks)

Breakfast for dinner

½ cup Kodiak Protien Power Cakes pancake mix + 2 Tbsp vanilla whey isolate + ½ tbsp flaxseed + ½ tbsp chia + ½ cup blueberries + ½ cup unsweetened almond milk.. blend… fry in a tad of flax butter and top with honey… nuke some Maple Sausage TVP…. Pour a big ass cup of cold af almond milk…. Chillz..

Macros: 548cal, 48.3C, 18.2 F, 50.5 P, 1231mg Na (a lot I know sorrynotsorry), 431mg K, 8.8 Fiber

Happy night after a long shelter day.


Making of my recent animation (


ONE til SIX from Richard Chhoa on Vimeo.

Loop de loop submission for the theme SIX
Realised I have a total of 6 submissions for loop de loop so this was the idea I had for this challenge.

Music: Emily Szyszka