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Twelve Views - One World, 5th edition: Photoset 1 of 18
Topic: “Organization/Chaos”

Bryce Evans

Scott Gust


Second Edition


Hey everyone, we have great news for all of you, loyal followers. The second edition of TVOW is soon to be released. The 4th of July will be the day we’ll start posting again. Sorry for not posting this long but, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff we need to get done before coming back. We’ll also have new members to the group, so expect lots of quality photography around :)

Thanks for bearing with us, we are really grateful!

The TVOW crew

Happy Birthday My Compa!!!!

About 14 months ago I worked with Alejandro on my 1st of 2 TVOW projects.  This shot was the 1st time I planned and executed an image rather than just “finding” something to shoot.  It was for this photoset we did together. Working with Ale, I learned a great deal about planning, execution and more importantly, friendship.  Now I count him not only among my closest friends, more than that… family.  Thank you for you continued love and support my Compa, Happy birthday… cheers to a remarkable year ahead!

Best always,

-Your Compa


Twelve Views - One World  // The interview

Featuring - Alejandro M. Campos Herrera


-Please, be so kind to introduce yourself in a few short sentences.

Hey there! My full name is Alejandro Mirsha Campos Herrera, a 24 year-old Architecture student and amateur photographer living in Puebla, Mexico. Art lover for life :)

-When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos about 5 years ago, but nothing serious. It was more of casual shooting in family reunions with my, then new, digital camera, a 2MP Sony Cyber-shot. But it was until a little over a year ago, that I got my DSLR, when I started learning what photography was all about. I lacked a lot of skills and didn’t even know how to properly use my new camera but I’ve read and practiced to achieve the best possible results. So, about a year that is.

 -Do you consider yourself a professional photographer or do you take photos just for fun?

I’m a 100% self-taught amateur photographer with a lot of things yet to learn but with all the will to improve everyday. I wouldn’t say I take photos just for fun either, I think of it as a learning process.

 -Speaking of photography. What’s your favorite genre or style? (Black and White, Portraits, Nature, …)

Well, I have no favourite genre to be honest but I do have a preference for B&W shots, I’ve always thought the world would look a lot better in B&W haha. I’ve also recently developed an interest for Double Exposures, a technique I’m fond of due to its captivating beauty.

 -How did you hear about our project and why did you decide to participate?

Frank was kind enough to invite me to be part of the project and he even named me co-owner/administrator of the site, bringing some other responsibilities. That’s how I offered myself to give the project an identity… a name, and I came up with “Twelve Views – One World”, I also had the opportunity of creating the logo and the recommendation posts (like this one), let’s say I’m a in charge of the public relations side of the blog :)

 -Do you believe in the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words”? If so, why do you believe it’s true?

I agree 100% with that statement because sometimes a photograph can express things and feelings that can’t be put down into words.

-Do you think that a person must possess talent to capture emotion and expression in a picture?

I absolutely think that certain ability is needed. But more than an ability or talent, I think it’s sensibility we should be talking about, because an artist needs to be a perceptive being so that he can be able to sense things others can’t.

 -What do you enjoy most about photography?

I love the fact that no matter if time goes by or if people change, a photograph will always be a piece of time that’s been stood-still, a moment that will never fade away.

 -What attracts your eye when scouting for photo subjects?

Well, it depends if I already have something in mind. Let’s say I want to go shooting churches, I know what I’m going for, but if something gets in the way and I think it’s worth the shot, I won’t hesitate and will immediatly start shooting.

 -Last but not least, Do you want to say something to the TVOW/photography community?

I’d like to thank each and every single one of you who follow this project I can call my own, because being part of it makes me feel it as my own. I have developed some skills, and going under specific topics have pushed me to be more creative, to look for that special shot, to make me want to show you the world I see through my eyes, and that’s fantastic.

Thanks for bearing with us.


Find Alejandro’s work in the following sites:

Tumblr I Facebook I Cargo Collective I Flickr


The TVOW crew

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!🎂

30 years ago, around 8 AM, I was born at my grandmother’s home in a remote island in the Philippines…

WOW. Amazing.

I feel so accomplished being where I am in life right now with my better half, and my precious daughter. I’m truly grateful to have such amazing friends and family.

Thank you for all the love.


Our last set of the 4th edition! Stay tuned, the 5th edition is coming in a few days, too. :)
To all photographers: thank you for your time and work! Great and interesting photosets! Best regards, Frank.

Twelve Views - One World, 4th edition: Photoset 18 of 18
Topic: “Life/Death”

Alejandro Campos Herrera

Sanne Terpstra

Here we go again! This is the 4th edition of our photo project. Share it with your friends to show the great work of photographers around the world!

Twelve Views - One World, 4th edition: Photoset 1 of 18
Topic: “Apart/Together”

Thierry Decker

Felix Wagner

Twelve Views - One World, 4th edition: Photoset 4 of 18
Topic: “Apart/Together”

Alejandro Campos Herrera

Trina Hendrixson


Twelve Views - One World

Third Edition


Hey everyone, we want to thank you all amazing followers who’ve kept track of this edition of TVOW! As you may have noticed, the Second Edition is now over and we truly appreciate every like, reblog and, overall, your constant support. Thank you!

Now, please don’t frown! We have great news for you, the Third Edition is now official and our amazing photographers are already teamed up. We have new people to the already well-known list and we’re working now. We’ll start posting the interviews of the new members this Monday Aug 8th, so keep an eye on us and let yourself be captivated by the work of these twelve talented people who will try their best to share the world they see through their cameras.

Thanks for bearing with us!

The TVOW crew


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