Get Out//A Caspian Imagine

Anon said: Could you write a Prince Caspian imagine(during the dawn treader) where you go into the map room area and start making out, but just when it starts to get heated someone walks in?

I haven’t done anything with Caspian yet, this should be fun


You walked into the map room where Caspian was intensely studying a map. You snaked your arms around his waist and rested your head on his shoulder. “Caspian, it’s getting late. We should go to bed.”

He shook his head. “You go. I need to chart our course.”

You sighed. “We did that earlier, remember?”

He waved you off. You groaned and spun him around and kissed him, hoping that that would make him want to go come to bed. He got more into it than you expected, but hey, you were totally okay with it. You felt his hand go up your shirt and you put your hands around his neck to pull him closer.

“Oh god!” you heard someone yell. Edmund was standing in the door with his hand over his eyes.

“Ed, get out!” you yelled, throwing a pen at him. “Leave!”

“I’m going, I’m going!” he cried, running away.

You groaned and rested your head on Caspian’s chest. “Let’s go to bed.”

He nodded and picked you up, carrying you to his quarters.

I’m sorry it’s so short, I couldn’t really think of a whole lot to do with it

Protective//A Prince Caspian Imagine

Anon said: Please write more Caspian imagines (Narnia). The last one was so cute! Maybe you could write just fluff or something. Or protective!caspian :) I would be soo happy! Thank you! :)

You got it


You dove over the side of the ship to where the people had appeared in the water. You swam towards one of them who had a familiar head of shockingly red hair. You wrapped your arms around her waist, only to have her start hitting you. 

“Woah, woah, Lucy it’s me!” you yelled.


“Good to see you too, Lu,” you said, grinning. The two of you swam to the swing-thing that carried you back up to the deck. You were both immediately covered with thick blankets.

“Hey Ed,” you grinned, thrilled to see your best friend.

“Nice to see you again,” he said, hugging you.

You heard shrieking and looked over to see a boy in shorts and hideous sweater vest screaming something about being kidnapped. Then he came face to face with a minotaur and fainted. You snorted.

“Who’s that then?”

“Eustace,” Edmund groaned. “He’s our cousin.”

“I’m sorry.”

“(Y/N)!” you heard a very angry Caspian yell.

“Yes?’ you asked innocently.

"What were you thinking, jumping over the side like that? You could have drowned!”

“I didn’t, did I? Besides, what was I supposed to do, let them drown?”

“You weren’t supposed to go over like that!”

You threw your hands in the air, fed up with his attitude. “I’m sorry I didn’t want them to drown! God, I am so tired of you. You never let me do anything!” You stormed down to your quarters in a huff. 

After a while, Lucy came in, an anxious look on her face. You were lying on your back, staring up at the ceiling. 

“Are you okay?” she asked.


“He’s just trying to keep you from getting hurt,” she said.

“There are so many better ways he could do it though! He doesn’t have to lock me away!”

She sighed. “At least come up on the deck. We’ve just come into sight of the lonely islands.”

You swung your legs over the side of the bed. “It’s not like he’s gonna let me go.”

“I’ll make him.”

You smiled gratefully at the younger girl. “Thanks.”

By some miracle, she managed to get Caspian to let you go on land, but he wasn’t happy about it. 

You, Lucy, Caspian, Edmund, and some of the crew members were poking around, when you were ambushed. “(Y/N)!” you heard Caspian yell. You saw him searching for you and saw someone come at him from behind.

“Caspian, look out!” You checked him in the side, making him stumble out of the way and ran the attacker through with your sword.

“There’s too many of them!” Edmund yelled. There was an earpiercing scream. It’s source? “Eustace,” Edmund growled. The boy had a knife to his throat.

“So much for keeping watch,” you muttered, dropping your blade. Everyone followed suit. You, Lucy, and Eustace were shackled and led away while Caspian and Edmund were thrown in a cell.

Edmund was throwing himself against the cell door, trying to knock it down. 

“It won’t work,” came a voice from the shadows. A very old, frail-looking man emerged. “I’ve been in here for years. I haven’t found a way out yet.”

Caspian rolled his eyes and climbed the wall, peering out the small barred windows. He could see the slaves being auctioned off. Edmund climbed up next to him. 

“Next up, we have this fine specimen!”

Caspian’s blood boiled at the sight of you being dragged up onto the auction stage. 

“I’ll start the bidding at one hundred gold coins.”

“One-twenty!” called a man who looked like he was not planning on using you for traditional slave labor. 

Caspian threw himself at the door, nearly breaking his shoulder in the process. He had to get out. He had to save you. 

“Sold! To the fellow over there in the blue!”

Caspian kicked at the lock on the door, smashed at it with rocks, but nothing worked. He screamed in frustration and sat down on the floor.

“I promised I would keep her safe,” he whispered. 

Edmund looked at him in confusion. Then he got it. “You’re in love with her aren’t you?”

Caspian nodded. There was a grunt and the sound of someone being run through with a sword. Then the door clicked open. Edmund and Caspian ran out, staying hidden.

Eustace was being auctioned off, but no one was bidding for him. 

“I’ll take them off your hands!” a familiar voice yelled. “I’ll take them all off your hands!”

Reepicheep pulled off the blue hood that he was wearing, revealing him standing on Drinian’s shoulder. Then Narnians throughout the courtyard pulled off their hoods. There was a quick skirmish, which the Narnians won. 

Edmund hugged Lucy and clapped Eustace on the shoulder. Caspian frantically searched for you, panic seizing him when he couldn’t see you. And then he did. You were off to the side, wiping your bloodied hands on your trousers and unlocking the shackles. A guard lay at your feet, his head smashed in and chain imprints on his neck.

He ran to you and hugged you, lifting you off the ground and burying his face in your neck.

“Caspian, put me down!”

“Sorry.” He did as you asked.

“Ugh, this is never going to come out,” you said, gesturing to your trousers. 

“Are you okay?” he asked, checking you for cuts and bruises. 

“I’m fine.”

He pulled you into another hug. 

“Caspian. Can’t…breathe.”

“Sorry,” he apologized again. He looked so relieved that you were okay. 

“C'mon,” you took his hand in yours. “Let’s go back to the ship.”

In the Rigging//An Edmund Pevensie Imagine

Anon said: I love your writing so much! I was wondering if you could do an Edmund one where you and the Pevensies are friends in our world but then somehow you get to go to Narnia with them? Like during voyage of the dawn treader? that would be amazing. and this part is optional- when you get there caspian tri s flirting with you or something and Ed gets jealous because he has a really big crush on you, too ? thank you so much ily. <3

ily 2


You pulled the blanket tighter around your shoulders as you tried not to shiver. “Narnia?” you asked your best friend.

“Narnia,” she confirmed. You grinned. She had told you so many stories about their adventures, but to be honest, you never really believed her. She was a couple years younger than you, so that might have been a couple years younger than you. You weren’t making that mistake again. You caught sight of Edmund from the corner of your eye and your stomach flipped, but you ignored it.

“(Y/N), this is Caspian,” Lucy introduced you to a tall, handsome man with dark hair, but he wasn’t your type. Your type was slightly bad-tempered and tended to hate their cousins.

“Lucy told me so much about you that last time she was here,” he said, kissing your hand. “She did not, however, tell me how lovely you are.”

“Thanks?” You weren’t quite sure what to make of his flirtatious nature.

“Don’t worry, he’s mad for Susan,” Lucy whispered. 

You snorted. Susan had always been a little too proper for your taste, but of course she would fall for the tall, dark, and handsome prince. Or king now, you supposed. 

The three of you were handed dry clothes and you and Lucy were led to you quarters where you changed into your new clothes. The pants were loose and offered lots of movement. The shirt was made of a soft material that fit loosely and you tucked it into the waistband of your pants. You put a vest on over it and braided your hair so the braid lay on your left shoulder. You tugged on a pair of boots and went above deck with Lucy.

Caspian led Lucy and Edmund to the map room, leaving you free to roam about the ship. You made friends with a giant mouse, a minotaur, most of the crew, and the captain. 

You climbed the rigging, stopping only when you were as high as you could go. It was open sea and clear blue skies in all directions and you loved it. After having lived in England your whole life, it was nice to be somewhere that wasn’t cold and grey.

.   .   .

Edmund walked up the steps to the deck. He looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. He looked around, but didn’t see her.

But Lucy did. “Nice up there (Y/N)?” she yelled.

The response was laughter from up in the riggings. I looked up to see her sitting in the ropes, the rays from the setting sun glinting off her face. She was beautiful.

Lucy climbed up after her. 

“You know, if you aren’t going to tell her how you feel, you should try to make it a bit less obvious,” Caspian said quietly, coming up behind him. Edmund blushed as Caspian walked off to talk to the captain. 

He climbed the ropes until he was as high up as the girls. “What’s going on up here?” he asked.

“We’re making fun of Eustace,” (Y/N) responded. 

“Can I join in?”


Lucy cleared her throat. “I think I heard Reepicheep calling me. I’m going to go see what he needs.”

She climbed down, leaving him with her. He cleared his throat, trying to think of something to break the awkward silence that covered them like a blanket. 

“So you–”

“What do–”

They both started talking at the same time, and then stopped, both turning a shade of bright red.

“You can go first,” he said.

“So you’re really a king then?”

“Yeah. But, Peter’s the high king. Or was. I’m not sure anymore. Aslan said that he and Susan weren’t coming back. I think Caspian’s the high king now.”

“I wonder how that works. I mean, you’ve got seniority.”

He sighed. “Yes, I suppose, but Caspian didn’t abandon Narnia twice like I did.”

She grabbed his hand. “It wasn’t your fault,” she said. “You didn’t have a choice.”

He squeezed her hand. “I know, but it feels like it is.”

“This is nice,” she said quietly. “Sitting up here. It’s so peaceful.”

“Yeah.” He thought about what Caspian had said earlier. “Can I tell you something?”


"I like spending time with you. You, specifically. I really like…you,” he finished lamely.

“I like spending time with you too,” she said. His heart jumped to his throat. That smile, it did things to him.

“Can…can I kiss you?” he asked tentatively. 

“Of course." 

Their lips met, and he felt fireworks explode in his chest. They broke apart and he leaned back against the ropes, and she leaned back on him.

"I like it here already,” she laughed.