TVLine | Outlander Stars React to [Spoiler]'s Death and [Spoiler]'s Reappearance
By Kimberly Roots

As much as we appreciate Outlander‘s devotion to Diana Gabaldon’s novels, we’rereally OK with the decision to part with the source material in this week’s episode.

TVLINE | Murtagh is alive!

SAM HEUGHAN | Yeah! It is a departure from the books, and I think people are going to like it. He’s a great character… He’s such a fan favorite.

TVLINE | But he’s not doing so well when we first see him.

HEUGHAN | Yeah. There’s a responsibility for Jamie there in prison now, and he doesn’t really want the responsibility. He’s trying to live a simple life in the shadows and not deal with anything, but constantly he’s being forced to stand for the men or to look after Murtagh. So once again he’s forced into the situation of being responsible for people… Then, when he hears the story that there’s this white lady that possibly could be here, I mean, he knows it’s foolish but he can’t help himself but go and look for her. And I think that’s the point, when he gets to the island, he swims out there and he realizes what an idiot he’s been. It’s like ‘Oh, I’ve been fooling myself. She is actually gone.’ It’s very sad, but I think that’s why he can then tell John Grey about her, you know, because he’s like, oh, there’s some sort of piece there, some sort of consideration that okay, that’s part of my life which is over.

TVLINE | And then even when he starts to build a friendship with John Grey, even that falls apart after Grey makes his overture.

HEUGHAN | You know, that whole chess game was interesting, and I think it’s because Jamie is very wary of him. He has the Black Jack Randall, Redcoat [thing] hanging over him. But he starts to find a respect for John Grey, and that moment when his hand is touched, it’s terrifying for Jamie because of what’s happened to him before, and the power that John Grey has. But also he’s more terrified of what he will do to John Grey. It’s sad for him. He’s like, ‘Oh, I thought that you were a friend or something, that we could have a friendship. And actually, maybe you want something else from me.’ And that’s really sad, you know?
‘Teen Wolf’ Series Finale Ending Explained — Jeff Davis Interview | TVLine

TVLINE | Now that’s been a minute, what do you think about the “Sterek” phenomenon?
When I hear the word “Sterek,” I think of the most passionate part of Teen Wolf, and definitely the angriest — most of that anger being targeted towards me. All I can say is that I did the story I wanted to do, and I’m happy that “Sterek” exists in the universe so that people can go off and write their own stories.


Almost 50,000 and counting, Jeff.

Jeff has spoken guys:

TVLINE | We never got to find out how Stiles felt about Scott dating Malia.
Jeff: In our world, I believe that the characters are happy when their friends and family find love. F–k the bro code. Stiles was with Lydia, and Malia and Scott were both single. Wouldn’t you rather your best friend end up with someone you love? (x)

Not Stiles is with Lydia. Nope “was with”. Meaning, no longer with her.

youhaveafriend-in-sennin replied to your post “Jeff has spoken guys:”

Not sure how to feel, it’s just the way TVLine words it. EW says this: Can we assume that Stiles knew about Malia and Scott? I was waiting to see if he’d react. “I think in the world of Teen Wolf, we don’t like to do love triangles and jealousy and all that. I think he’s happy that they found each other. Stiles is with Lydia now; they’re together and if Scott and Malia are right for each other, I think Stiles would be more than happy for them.” Still dislike heavily how he erased all between Stiles and Malia had. There was no need to do what he did. He’s weird honestly. Don’t wanna know in depth how he just changes that easily as the weather.

Either way there’s still nothing within canon that confirms Stiles and Lydia are together. They don’t call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. They don’t say ‘I love you’. They don’t kiss. (Which all the other endgame couples do.) Because there’s nothing explicitly saying they’re together canonically it leaves it extremely open to interpretation. I have seen some stdia shippers actually interpreting canon as Stiles and Lydia not being together. If some want to believe Stdia is endgame they can, and it makes sense because of 6a. If others want to see it as Stiles and Lydia breaking up they can, and it makes sense because they never say they are together.

TVLINE | We learned in the finale that there are 274 total clones. Would you like to explore some of these other clones’ stories in some format?
FAWCETT | If I was going to imagine another season for Orphan Black, following Cosima and Delphine was where I wanted to go. I wanted to go with them and to find these other women. I wanted to see what these other women were like. I wanted to hear these stories that these other women had. That, to me, felt like there was certainly more to imagine there. At the end of this season, you really feel like they’re out on their journey around the world, and that they’ve got this list and the list is life, and they’ve got their inoculations, and they’re world travelers now. I love what that feels like. If I were to pick this up and continue, that’s certainly something I would be interested in.
MANSON | We just need to give these characters a break for a little while. But obviously, there’s tales to be told there, even if they’re told in the comic books or something. I do believe that someday we’ll come back to these characters. We’re still interested in a movie. I’d be interested in returning to this world if Tatiana was in it.
Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Looks Back at Her Clone Journey, Talks Bloody Goodbye and 'Really Different' Finale
Orphan Black’s chameleon-like star Tatiana Maslany had such a difficult time parting with the many clones she has played on the BBC America series that she, literally, got a nosebleed while s…
By Vlada Gelman

Orphan Black‘s chameleon-like star Tatiana Maslany had such a difficult time parting with the many clones she has played on the BBC America series that she, literally, got a nosebleed while saying goodbye to one of them.

The bloody moment, which came during her final scene as suburban mom Alison, “was so telling in terms of how little I wanted to let go of that character,” Maslany tells TVLine in the following Q&A. (We’ll miss Alison a lot, too.)

Below, Maslany reflects on her 230+ clone appearances over the past five seasons, and previews the “very different” series finale (airing this Saturday at 10/9c), which takes the show “back to a human level.”

TVLINE | There’s a chart on the show’s Wikipedia page that tallies the number of appearances for each actor per season. And thanks to your many characters, your total is 231 appearances over five seasons. Just to put that into perspective, Ari Millen comes in second at 50 appearances.
Oh my God. That’s awesome.

TVLINE | What goes through your head when you hear that number?
I mean, it doesn’t feel unreasonable. [Laughs] ‘Cause I definitely was on set every, kind of, second of the day. So that feels about right. I think I did ten thousand lines of ADR… Nobody should be talking that much. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The very first interview you and I did was before the show premiered, but I think you had filmed all of Season 1. You talked about what a joy it was to play all these characters, but also how exhausting it was. Did it get any easier for you over the years?
Not entirely. I think I was just sort of in shock that first season. I’d never led a TV series, let alone played this many characters, so it was a new thing for me. I think I got used to the amount of work it was, but it’s only now that I’ve got some time off [from] it that I’m like, “Oh, right, this is what sleep feels like. And this is what not, like, constantly having 90 voices in your head feels like.” It’s been a bizarre process of letting go of that amount of work a little bit.

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