TV Icons: Closet Invasion!

1. Allie Hamilton (The Notebook)  

Her style is not only absolutely, amazingly vintage, it is so wearable! I would wear every single outfit Rachel McAdams wore in this movie.

2. Andy Sachs (The Devil Wears Prada)

Her clothing is a bit more modern, but I love how they dressed up Anne Hathaway in this movie! I’m not huge on designer brands, but her look is laid back enough for it not to look super expensive. It’s very New York chic, which I would love to invade to take a stroll in NYC.

3. Quinn Fabray (Glee)

Season 2, so far is my favorite season on the way they’ve dressed Diana Agron as Quinn. I love her simple summer dresses with a cardigan. I would love having those dresses in my closet! They’re perfect for my college days!

4. Coco Chanel (Coco avant Chanel)

I discovered Audrey Tatou in this French movie about the life of Coco Chanel, and let me tell you, ever since I’ve been wishing I could’ve been alive when Chanel became a designer because her clothing choice was just all around classy, sophisticated, and lovely.

5. Princess Ann (Roman Holiday)

Yes, women love Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s but Audrey Hepburn looks absolutely gorgeous in Roman Holiday. I wish I had Princess Ann’s closet! Stunning and elegant.

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