Difference between a jinx, hex and curse

I felt like people searching my tags would need a little clarification on the difference between a jinx, hex and curse (according to me).

A jinx is a form of malevolent magic where the subject gets bad luck, minor misfortunes. It’s simple, nasty, but isn’t meant to seriously harm someone. Usually only lasts a little while.

A hex is a form of malevolent magic, more powerful than a jinx. Lasts longer, and is usually “broken” when the subject learns their lesson.

A curse is the most powerful, and if done well it can last a lifetime or even longer. Can be cast on a person or family, and can last forever or until something is done to atone for whatever caused then to be cursed.

Hexing in a Pinch

Sometimes it seems like people are at their nastiest when sitting down for a meal at a restaurant. If you’ve ever seen someone being awful while out and thought “I wish I had some hexing magic on me right now,” here’s a quick spell for you. 

You’ll need:

  • a packet of stevia sweetener
  • black pepper
  • your saliva 

If you’ve ever used stevia, you know that its pure evil. Black pepper is great at banishing evil and negativity, and saliva is widely seen as a display of disgust and contempt. 

Tear the packet open at the very top, then pour some pepper in from a shaker and add a little saliva in on top. Pinch the top of the packet and shake together the mixture, thinking about why they’re such a jackass. Whisper something quick like “fuck them up” into the mixture, then pour a little into your palm. Wander near their table pretending to look for a restroom, and toss some of the mixture at their feet. You can now enjoy the rest of your meal with a little peace.

“Bleeding Out” Poison Apple Curse

Hi guys! I’ve never actually posted any of my personal spells before because I consider them, y'know, personal. But recently I’ve felt drawn to begin posting them. I want to help people out. This spell is a “poison apple” curse that is meant to cause the truth to come to light. 

In other words, say there is a person who look very nice and could be super popular and well liked. But they are not nice and you know this. Maybe they hurt you or someone you care about. Maybe they are racist or transphobic. Any of these things. This curse will not only bring these things to light, but force them to feel the pain and consequences of those actions. I have used this spell and it did work VERY well.

Things you will need:

  • 1 apple 
  • Salt
  • Knife, rusty nail, anything sharp really. 
  • A nasty mixture (anything gross. Examples: vinegar, chilli powder, black pepper, bleach, lemon juice, rust, tobacco, graveyard dirt, angry spit, etc) just make sure to be careful about what you are mixing. Check first please, especially if using harder products like bleach! 
  • Pen/Marker
  • Small slip of paper
  • Container the apple can fit into (bag, jar, etc)
  • Optional: a ritual stimulant like coffee grounds for it to happen faster. 

1) Get your ingredients ready! Create your “nasty mixture” and if your practice includes setting up an alter, invoking deities, or circle casting do that now.
2) Take the apple. This represents the person that you are cursing. Write their first and last name on the apple while visualizing their face. Say “On the outside you look normal and nice…”
3) With the knife, cut out the core/center of the apple. Pull it out. Remove the top of the core from the rest of it, as the “lid” of the apple will be replaced later.
4) Take the mixture and pour it into the apple. Say “…But you are filled with poison…” as you pour. Do not fill all the way.
5) On a small slip of paper, write the bad properties of the person that need to come to the surface. Say “…filled with vice…” as you place the slip of paper inside of the apple.
6) Get the top of the apple and place it back on. Say “in order to bring these things to light…”
7) Get your knife! You are going to (carefully, unless you are okay with making a mess) stab the apple once for every thing that you wrote down. Really put your energy into this. Make it hurt. Say “…I will stab and I will slice.” Try to make the knife go all the way through the apple.
8) Once the apple is oozing (or dripping?) put it in a container (I’m using a bag because I don’t have any jars big enough to hold my apple)
9) If you are using any stimulant in your curse, add a tiny pinch to a bowl of salt and mix. Add this mixture to the container that the apple is in. Close/seal it.
10) Now SHAKE! As you do this, imagine the person facing the consequences of everything you wrote down. Put your intent and anger into it and really focus on their stupid face. You want them to be seen as who they are. This salt is the consequences, the salt to the wounds after they are seen. Say “You will pay.” for every time you stabbed them.
11) Now get rid of your bag of suffering. Don’t keep it in your house unless it is in the trash can. You can get rid of it how you want but do not bury it, as it will hurt the earth.
12) Get rid of any negative energy that may come back on you (if you believe in that.) Cleanse yourself with a nice cup of tea (lavender, chamomile, and rosemary might be nice!) or a bath/shower. Cleanse the area with salt, salt water, incense (dragonsblood, sandalwood, lavender, anything you’d like to use.) or any way of cleansing you choose. Ground yourself and get rid of any extra energy. Get some nice PJs on and curl into bed with snacks and netflix or something. Curses like this that require so much energy can leave you feeling super drained so be sure to take care of yourself.

Get Lost Hex

While this hex will definitely force the target to leave you alone, it also causes enough personal aggravation so that he or she is way too busy to bother anyone else.


  • Prepared poppet
  • Brown paper sack
  • Black wax, melted
  • Lost and Away Powder
    • 1 part Graveyard dirt
    • 1 part Mistletoe dried leaves
    • 1 part Sulfur
    • 1 part Orris
    • 1 part Sage 

Place the poppet in the sack and sprinkle liberally with Lost and Away Powder, saying:

“Lost and away from me you go.
As your life’s sprinkled with troubles, problems and woe.”

Pour the melted wax on top of the poppet, and quickly douse with the powder again. (Do this before the wax sets up, as you want the powder to adhere to it.) As you sprinkle the powder, say:

“Problems stick like black to crow
Like melted wax they ooze and flow,
And when you think they’re finally done,
More arrive with rise of Sun.”

Bury the poppet in an area easily accessible to you but away from your home. To keep the hex active, visit the grave once each week and dust it with the powder.

Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions By Dorothy Morrison
Lost and Away Powder recipe

Darkness Hex

Do not use this spell unless your intention is to cause complete havoc. There is no reversing the spell, so make sure that this is a last resort, and you will not regret doing it later.

When you begin this spell, think about all the pain and suffering this person has caused you (or someone close to you). Visualize chaos attacking them from all sides.


  • You will need a 9″ piece of black yarn.

Tie 3 separate knots as you chant the following:

“With this knot I seal this hex
you will not sleep, you will
not eat,
you will not rest
dark knots of anger, dark
knots of hate
This black cord with knots
brings you your fate
As I tie this second knot this
makes two
As complete black darkness
falls over you
Slander, chaos, evil too
I send the darkness straight
onto you
With this third knot, yes I bind
Complete horror and chaos
into your mind
Hex of anger, hex of hate
I will not wait.
I have spoken it and
so it shall be.
I have spoken it and
so mote it be!”

Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

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Suffering of The Damned - A Curse

First and foremost, I do not care if you are anti-curse. This is obviously not for you. Don’t jump in my messages or my asks with your negativity.

Things you’ll need:

  1. A jar of graveyard dirt
  2. Cayenne pepper
  3. Cactus needles
  4. Thorns
  5. Cigarette ash

What to do:

  1. Set the jar of dirt in front of you
  2. Dump in the cayenne and say: “You will feel the burning flesh of the damned.”
  3. Press in the cactus needles and say: “You will feel the fingernails of the damned against your skin.”
  4. Dump in the thorns and say: “You will feel the dread of the damned.”
  5. Dump in the ashes and say: “Your lungs will be singed with hell fire.”
  6. Say “Every time you take a breath, you will smell the burning flesh of the damned. Every time you close your eyes you will see the torment of the damned. Every night you will feel the fingernails of the damned scratching the back of your eyelids. You will feel the dread and the torment of the damned until you are at your wit’s end, until you have no more, only then will you realize the error of your ways. Only when you have known the suffering of the damned will you be freed. Only when you repent will you be freed of your torment.”
  7. Close the jar
  8. Sprinkle the contents where your target will walk. (They need to come in contact with it. It doesn’t matter how they come in contact with it, they just have to come in contact with it.)

This curse only lasts as long as their pride, when they repent the curse will dispel.

If you don’t smoke cigarettes, you can just use ashes from incense or burnt wood. I just used cigarette ash.

If you want to use this for future curses, I would mix the ingredients together and cut out the incantation completely until you are ready to enchant it. You don’t need a curse jar just sitting on your shelf with no target.

You can use this in curse poppets or as a curse jar, but I recommend making sure they come in contact with the contents of the jar.

If do this, tell me how it works for you!