tvfxq soul


Happy birthday, Kim Jaejoong! #flowerboyjaeday

You have so many tattoos and even though I didn’t like it at first, now I think they look beautifully inked on your skin. I know that you thought about the meaning of each of your tattoos. 

I personally like your TVfXQ Soul, Always keep the faith, and your birthday tattoos the most. Your matching tattoos with Yoochun gave us, OT5 Cassies the reason to believe in you all. Even though I don’t really like the design, but I love how you have Yoochun and Junsu’s names as well. You are so thoughtful, loving, and caring and we love you because of those (and many other) reasons.

Now that it’s nearing a year since you enlisted, and you surprised us again with your new album! I know it would be another great album filled with your thoughts and love for the people who support and love you. I am waiting for you so you better be back to us with a smile (and healthy) soon!