i feel so bad for joji sometimes, like some most of his fanbase are dumb af. he doesn’t want to be known as a racist or sexist anymore. shit gets old. there’s better ways to be ‘edgy’ than straight up racism/sexism/etc. as he’s actually said on his twitter. The characters name is 'filthy frank’ not 'racist, sexist, ableist frank’

i love the guy, and his music is p fucking good. I’d be okay with him completely getting rid of frank, and just being Joji. he’s a great guy, and he’s not appreciated as much as he should be. his vlogs and his music are all i need, really. 

his fans should be thinking about his health too, he’s already said that stress isn’t good for him and yet there are people constantly nagging him for new videos. He puts up enough already, and what he does for us is pretty crazy. I just wanna thank the dude for the effort he’s put in for the fanbase.