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Mikhail Bakunin (30th may 1814-July 1st 1876)

Mikhail Bakunin was one of the founders of anarchism as we see it today. His Ideas of social anarchism soon saw him as one of the most famous Philosophers of the 19th century . 

Mikhail Bakunin was born into a modestly wealthy family in the Tver region of Russia. His family owned 500 slaves. Despite this mikhails father was heavily involved in the Liberal social circles of Russia known as the decembrists.        At the age of 14 Mikhail travelled to st Petersburg to study at a strict millitary school but was expelled in 1834 for poor grades. He was assigned to the polish barracks as a junior officer and was disgusted at the treatment of the polish people by the Imperial army. Mikhail left the army at the age of 21 and travelled to moscow to study philosophy. 

When he studied at university he began to mix in democratic circles and was a supporter of the growing liberal movement. He travelled all around the world after leaving unviersity from Berlin to Dresden. Until eventually ending up in Paris where he met Karl Marx. Marx influenced his ideas and made Mikhail into an anti imperialist and a marxist. He was expelled from france after giving a speech on polish indpendence.

Mikhail became increasingly radical and when the european revolutions of 1848 sparked into life, Mikhail seized the oppurtunity to make a name for himself. He led the insurrection in dresden and spread political articles on anarchism. When the rebellion was put down Bakunin was arrested and sentenced to death. However the Austrian monarchy also wanted him after they found his articles denouncing the european monarchies as despots. However russia ordered for his extradition and he was exiled to Siberia. 

In 1861 Bakunin was smuggled out of Siberia on an American ship called the SS Vickery. They managed to sneak out of Siberia under the nose of the imperial navy and make his way to Europe. Joining the international workers association (IWA) where he was reunited with Karl Marx. 

 Karl Marx and Bakunin turned from good friends to bitter enemies         Bakunin argued that the state needed to be destroyed and the world should be divided into federations of free workers. Marx argued that the state should be overthrown but not destroyed. Bakunin also disagreed with the authoritarian structure of marxism, arguing that men should be free to rule themselves.    The supporters of Bakunins ideology became known as Anarchists and him and his followrs were expelled from the association in 1872 after being voted out by a marxist majority. 

Bakunin continued stirring shit throughout europe and was involved in the overthrow of the paris government. He wrote works and manifestos including god and state which was the basis of modern anarchy. He died in in 1876. 

“By striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible”


Since you asked me for a goat museum…

Here is the Goat Museum in Tver:

It is the only museum in the world dedicated to goats. Over 4500 goats of all sorts (including those found on chocolate, beer bottles, medals, coins etc) are exhibited in three rooms.

The goat is a traditional symbol of Tver and was previously seen on the coat of arms of the city.

Obviously this post is mainly for goalposthead, but I’m sure there are other goat fans among my followers :P