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Ehi!! I just read your les mis fic and it's really amazing!!!O(≧∇≦)O I was wondering if you could write one with the Sickie scenario you reblogged with A being enj, B being R and C... I don't know actually... Ferre maybe?

(Okay so here’s the thing: I don’t know what I reblogged. I have a very vague memory of it which I’m certain is right for the most part but I may have missed out some of the detail on the scenario so apologies for that! I’ve said this before but I love writing les mis!! Also sorry if my translations are off! Not native French speaker!)


J'ai mal a la tête-my head hurts
J'ai froid Grantaire- I’m cold, Grantaire
J'ai sommeil- I’m sleepy
Quest ce qu'il fait faire ? -What should I do?
Je suis desolee- I’m sorry
A tés souhaits- Bless you
Je ne me sens pas biens- I don’t feel well
Prenons ta temperature, oui? -Let me take your temperature, yes?
Tu as l'aire malade, Enjolras- You look sick, Enjolras
Restez au lit, oui?- Stay in bed, yes?
Ou est Grantaire? -Where is Grantaire?

Grantaire knows Enjolras well.

He’s spent a long time watching him move, analysing every little thing about him, and he’d fall in love a little more each day. And ever since Grantaire realised that his love was returned, he could only fall deeper in love.

He’d fall in love with Enjolras’s hair in the morning, how soft and perfectly messy it was. He’d fall in love with the look of his sleeping face, so calm, so beautifully natural. He’d fall in love with the way he’d constantly tap his fingers on surfaces to cope, and the little noises it would make. He’d even fall in love with the little stutter and shake to his voice, and even how clammy his hands got when he was anxious. Which was a lot of the time.

But these things no matter how imperfect made Enjolras.

And Grantaire loved Enjolras.

He loved him and all his little quirks. He’d memorised them; a little cheat sheet permanently installed into his head. Grantaire knew when Enjolras was getting sick.

He knew when he came home and his jacket pockets would be stuffed with tissues. He knew when the very tip of his nose would be slightly pink and slightly dry. He knew when Enjolras wore old  hoodies for days in a row. He knew when Enjolras sneezed slightly louder, a little more powerful.

Enjolras pitched forward with a forceful sneeze that doubled him over, but managed to catch wth his sleeve. The sound was obviously strained, but not too successfully, like he had been trying to muffle the sound but had failed to do so.

Grantaire frowned and put down his paintbrush, sighing. It had been the 6th time in the past half hour, and he needed to draw the line. He approached him quietly, gently putting his hands on Enjolras’s shoulders and softly massaging them.

“Bless you, baby,” Grantaire whispered.

Enjolras jumped slightly, face still buried in his sleeve. After he pitched forward with another sneeze he cleared his throat and smiled at him wearily.

“Thank you,” Enjolras said.

Grantaire rested his chin on Enjolras head as he lovingly embraced him, “E, baby, I think you’re coming down with something.”

Enjolras cleared his throat and shook his head weakly, “I’m fine, R, I promise. Just a little tired.”

Grantaire frowned, “I don’t like you working like this. You’re worrying me, come to bed?”

Enjolras offered him a sympathetic smile, “I love that you care for me so much, but I am honestly fine, ‘Taire.”

There was nothing he could do to convince him.

Enjolras sighed, “Here, let me just finish this point here then I’ll come to bed, okay?”

Grantaire sighed and gave him and a sad little smile, whispering a soft little goodnight as he left a little kiss against Enjolras’s nose. He left shortly after towards the bedroom, but couldn’t quite get rid of the anxiety building in his chest once he heard the harsh and chesty cough that came out of his boyfriend.

Enjolras didn’t come into bed until many hours later, and as much as that worried him all Grantaire could think about was the oh so good warmth against his body filling him with love.

They could figure this out when the morning came.

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Still a lion in your crow’s cloak, milord
You try to whisper but it’s still a roar »

I can’t stop, oh no
(neither can I finish haha)

It’s my beautiful friend’s @toosicktoocare ’s birthday today, so based off this beautiful fic she wrote me for my birthday, I made a not so beautiful piece for her in return! My art isn’t the strongest, but my writing next to hers is just sad so here is some sick E with loving bf R! It’s not very good, and very rushed, but i wanted to do something!!

The first ten were: juniorstarcatcher, christmaswarbler, tveitjolras, overthetrainbow, just-a-broadway-bloggercdm7rn, theadventuresofcassidykrystarodriguez, making-beautiful and musicaltheatrefanatic.

Thanks guys! Let me know where I can ship (no rush, just within the next week or so). For this one, international shipping is totally fine because I freakin’ love both theatre memorabilia and Christmas :)