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Broadway heart-throb and number one singer will tie a knot

Aaron Tveit finally asked the big question and Y/N said YES!

YES! Our sweethearts get their happily ever after!

We got it! High Quality photos of the ring! Someone tried hard!

Tveit/Y/N looks for apartments! Aren’t they the sweetest?

Exclusive first information about the wedding! You can’t miss it

These were only couple of headlines that appeared on every possible site and newspaper when the world found out that you changed your status from girlfriend to fiancee. 

This is ridiculous’ Aaron laughed scrolling through his laptop. ‘Carriage with 8 horses? What the hell?’ his laughter only increased when he saw the photo ‘A candid of you and cabman? Is there something you want to tell me love?’ 

‘I dreamed about ‘Enchanted’ wedding didn’t you know?’ you laughed ‘I was just walking by and this guy congratulated me. And you know how it works’

‘Yeah’ Aaron said kissing your temple ‘I’m surprised they didn’t write that you have affair with him’ 

‘Right? I mean he shook my hand! It’s divorce material’ 

‘Let us get married first’ Aaron said pulling you closer to his side on the couch you were sitting on. His laptop was balanced on his legs that were propped on your coffee table. 

Everyone is so excited about it’ you said snuggling into his side. Your arms were covered by his jumper to protect you from slightly cold air coming through open window from streets of New York. 

I know. We’ve been trending on a twitter for a week now’ Aaron said opening said site and scrolling through lovely messages written to you by both of your fans.

We’re awesome’ you said raising your hand for a high five. 

Obviously’ he smiled and high fived you. 

So what would you say if - oh my God wear that!’ you stopped mid sentence and pointed at the computer screen. 

No way’ Aaron laughed throwing his head back.

Oh come on’  you started giggling 

‘Y/N I’m not putting this pants on my wedding’ he said making the picture bigger ‘There is too much latex for my own good. I’m fragile’ 

‘You wore tighter. Those Fiyero pants left little to imagination. Not to mention-’ you said louder when his laughter increased ‘Not to mention those shorts from Grease! I mean…’ you whistled and laughed even harder when he hit you softly with a pillow. 

I hate you’ he said calming down. His breathing was every few seconds stopped with a small giggle. 

I love you too’ you said leaning up and kissing corner of his mouth. 

‘We have 8 months to plan all of it…’

‘I mean we already talked about your outfit’ you giggled pointing at his laptop.

Aaand!’ he said playfully glaring at you. ‘Then it’s done. I’ll be able to officially call you Mrs. Tveit’ he smiled and brushed some of your hair behind. 

‘Can’t wait’ you raised your hand and put in on his cheek covered with a little bit of stubble. 

Yeah’ he whispered before closing the remaining space between your lips.

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(Ooh do an Aaron Tveit one where the readers a famous singer and he proposes and when everybody finds out it literally trends for a week and everyone is happy about it and stuff!!💞)

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Aaron Tveit’s Oscars 2013 Interview with ABS-CBN’s Yong Chavez

This screen shot from the new BrainDead promo has so many things going on… We need to talk about them (in no particular order):

1) The hair… When that one piece just won’t cooperate
2) The eyes ‘nuff said
3) The remnants of the Danny Zuko sideburns, which I love!
4) HE’S IN PLAID… Well checks… But we know how much he loves his patterns AND a plaid tie

Is it June yet?