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StreetTeam is here once again - Just like we promised - another NEXTFRIDAY JOINT!!

This time we changed it up for you… y'all remember “LovasDo” (The Color of Love).  Well we remixed that!  All we can say is, “Dope”.

If you are a Dwele fan you will love this!!

Shouts out to T. Vegas too… What up Bruh!  

It is the end of the year and this also brings our NextFriday Love to an end.  We really appreciate everyone for taking the time to listen.  

Everyone be safe out there.  Drive safely, Drink responsiblyHope to see you all when we arrive in 2012.


triicksterfox  asked:

:D so talk to me about trina vega's views on her sister :D

               so since i talked about her during hollywood arts, i’ll talk about her relationship with tori when she graduates.

               after graduating HA, trina skips college because she wants to go straight into pursuing her dream. while she’s struggling, she gets constant reminders of how tori’s getting all these opportunities and she can’t get a callback. she starts to pull away from her. she’s just as good as tori whether people want to acknowledge it or not. she works her ass off for even a sliver of the shots tori gets handed to her.

               it’s the first time she starts taking things out on tori because it becomes glaringly obvious how unfair it is that she puts herself out there and gets nothing in return. entertaining is something trina LOVES and feels she’s born for and then there’s her sister who didn’t even want it. it makes her angry, makes her jealousy and resentment front and center. she doesn’t want to be upset with her sister but she just can’t help it.

               every time she gets turned down for a job she’s reminded of how she’s not good enough, she’s not perfect little tori. it gets to the point where she moves out on her own because she can’t take her parents being unsupportive of her as well as the constant reminders she isn’t tori. as she gets older she tries not to let how she feels get in the way of her and tori’s relationship but it gets harder and harder.

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Kako se pravilno izseliti iz Slovenije?

Vem, naslov je hecen, a žal čedalje bolj aktualen. Vsekakor nimam namena prilivati olja na ogenj vsesplošnega odhajanja iz Slovenije ali k temu celo koga spodbujati, se je pa potrebno sprijazniti z realnostjo nekonkurenčnosti Slovenije v evropskem okolju. Vsem, ki ste takšno odločitev sprejeli želim s tem zapisom pomagati pri birokraciji.

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petrasplaining  asked:

talk to me about trina vega growing up :)

               i talked about this a little here regarding how it was growing up with tori but, outside of her trina was a handful. growing up with a little sister and her parents, she wanted more attention since she didn’t get it at home and would throw tantrums like no other when she felt ignored. no one ignores trina vega even when she was a child.

                she was very ‘girly’, loved pretty dresses and shoes and dolls. she’d play dress-up with her mom’s clothes and makeup. she often got in trouble for it. when she was in school she refused to do anything that could get her dirty. she’d yell at people who came near her with dirty hands to stay away. she didn’t want to be ugly.

               speaking of dolls, she had a cabbage patch doll she’d take EVERYWHERE with her. she considered her her best friend. she was so attached to it that the only way their mom could wash it was when she was sleeping. her parents even had an extra hidden away just in case she lost it —– which she left it on a plane when she was eight and had no idea it’s not the original. (she still doesn’t and she has it in her closet.)

               trina’s desire to be an entertainer started at five. she loved music and dancing and would mimic things she saw on tv. she also loved watching soap operas in english and spanish and was always so entertained with them, if someone tried to change the channel she’d scream until it was put back on. she’d try to act things out but often got ignored or brushed off by anyone who wasn’t tori.

               because of her parents neglect, she very much always wanted approval from her parents and would try her best to get it whether it was her grades on spelling tests to her artwork to getting in trouble in school. she just wanted to be noticed and it very much shaped her need for attention as she got older.

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