SEER Radio 104 : Tonny Van De Weert - addomesticato

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music for tamed animals, a very obscure ambient blend with more light betimes. a mix from Tonny Van De Weert for the radio show Sinister Echoes & Exotic Realms `Eclipse Music For Eclipsed People ..´ which broadcast every sunday on Intergalactic FM, channel 4 in the hague and in first notion tonight on radio blau.

Change might not be easy, but if you can find a way into tricking yourself to making that change, you might find yourself living someone else’s life, a life you like better and a life that suits you more, yet not one that’s absent of that feeling of loss, that pang of regret that strikes in the middle of the night and comes complete with thoughts of faces and voices long gone, people you might never see again.

And then you wake up, still you but also not.

—  Todd Van Der Werff