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"Sweet dreams"

Send me “Sweet Dreams” and my character will recount a dream they had with your character in it.

  “Once, I had a dream that I was being chased. I could hear the footsteps and I ran into the boarding house. Safe zone right? Well no. For some reason my savior was the elder Salvatore. Makes no sense. Since when do I run there for help. But here I am like ‘help me, I’m being followed’ and thing I’m going to get some sort of sympathy hug, well in dreams nothing makes sense. Arms come at me and then my head is trying to get twisted off via Salvatore arms. I’m fighting, screaming and kicking. I may have bit down on something before I woke up in my bed with my pillow strung out all over the place.”

For the TVD Verse, make sure to read the extra verse info. All actions still happened, but in a different way with Caroline’s body. Aka she wasn’t turned into a full vampire. Look up Dhampir. She’s basically like that. (Still has blood, but has food. A bit more sturdy, but not full vampy)