1. I’m not Tyler’s biggest fan and I love Klaroline but let’s be honest he had every right to get angry
  2. I loooved Steroline scenes,they are amazing and I love their friendship
  3. Damon….What can I say about Damon? Well,he’s getting really annoying. I mean it’s the fifth season for Christ’s sake and he’s the same old Damon.I actually liked him. The only thing I like right now is that he kind of realised he doesn’t need to change for Elena. 
  4. (totally random)I hate when people compare Damon to Chuck. Chuck in season 5 was actually a cool great man,he wanted to change not because of Blair(or Eva like in season 4)but because he truly wanted it. And totally let Blair be when she started to date Dan so please stop comparing him.
  5. Katherine Fucking Pierce. Oh god.I hate to love her. Somehow she is just like Damon but….Idk there’s something I really love about her.
  6. I want to hug Stefan Salvatore.

you cannot tell me that this

~~you’re a witch, a human, a corpse, an anchor and now the woman who kills me!~~

or this

~~if i have to die, i wanted to be here (bonnie’s memorial stump where he mourned her and concocted the plan to resurrect her in s5). in honor of you~~

or this

~~before you kill me, please, i need you to forgive me!!~~

is not classic epic romance tropey!!1

you cannot look upon my face and tell me that it’s not because if the writers don’t check this in, then they have inadvertently written the best romance in the history of tvd

p l a t o n i c a l l y

my ass