nina: ‪8 years ago, this fool and I boarded a plane to Vancouver to shoot a pilot. We didn’t know eachother, b‬ut we BOTH only brought 1 carry on and then a snowboard bag as checked luggage. During the weeks we would shoot 15 hour days, and on Fridays we filmed through the night until we wrapped at 6am and went straight from set to Whistler mountain to hit the slopes and shred the terrain park. We became fast friends. And almost got fired. 

Luckily we survived to the bitter end with out any broken bones (surprisingly) and now 8 years later we have a show that we’re proud of and a friendship that will last a life time. And yes, that is a real camera. It’s been THAT long. The selfie has come a long way since then…. @zach_roerig #TVDForever

zach_roerig: It feels surreal to know that tonight is the last episode of TVD - the final chapter in an 8 year epic journey. A final goodbye to all the fans, without whom this dream would not have been realized. Goodbye to all my cast and crew family, to Julie & Kevin. And finally goodbye to Matt Donovan. It was an honor to bring you to life all these years, I hope some day I can follow in your footsteps with a plaque in my honor! Peace and love. Until the next adventure.