• Phoebe:Ooh, hey, could we put on the news? I think it might be raining.
  • Ross:Oh, just hold on a second. I’m watching this rugby thing on ESPN. I don’t know what the big deal is. I’m man enough to play this sport.
  • Joey:Dude, you’re not even man enough to order the channel that carries the sport.

“It’s just, I might have been a little taken aback to find out that you had… researched with someone else.”

“Look, it was never the way it is with you and me. I just hung out with her for a while to lend some authenticity to Clara Strike. It was a brief moment a long time ago. Besides, Nikki Heat is a far more complex and… nuanced character. She is. and I’m a far more experienced writer… More mature… [Pause, Kate sports a ‘really?’ face] One out of two’s.”


I drew this to celebrate Kurt and Blaine will cover “Come What May” in episode 15. I still can’t believe it will come true! “Come What May” is absolutely one of my favorite love songs, and now it’s going to be sang by Klaine! AHHHHHHHHHH! Though I’m worried about the following challenges for Kurt and Blaine, I’m still so glad they will have this song to celebrate their love.