S01.E07 - Sirens

Written by Laura McCreary and storyboarded by Christophe Yoshida, cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin.

Ah, Sirens. :) This episode is a little goofy, and was mostly an excuse to put our princesses on a boat and have them go undersea. 

It was absurdly expensive and complicated to do an underwater episode at this stage of the production : it was only the 7th episode ! Everyone was still trying to understand our characters, see where the show was going, how it would look like, etc. 

In Sirens, we experimented a lot, while having little to no room for mistakes (since we wouldn’t be able to fix our mistakes due to our tiny schedule & budget). Kind of risky, right ? But thanks to that, we ended up making a very unique episode within the show, and I think it’s a good thing. 

We could push Auriana’s boy crazyness (to the point it reminded me Usagi and Minako from Sailor Moon) while having her save the day and not be a hindrance. 

And we could prove to ourselves that, while Iris was to remain the main Princess, we could also have the main focus on another princess and it would still work. This lesson in particular would be very valuable for the rest of the show.