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TVD FINALE 8x16 reaction gifs

Me when I see Nina/Elena for the first time and cringe at the fugly wig (seriously make up department, what the fuck):

When the first DE reunion turns out to be Katherine/DK:

When I realized they’re wasting too much time on Katherine’s bitch ass:

Also when he had an emotional Donovan reunion with too much screen time:

Damon & Stefan scenes in that cave (or whatever it was):

Stelena goodbye:


Caroline’s message for Stefan:

Stefan dies:

(he*, you get the point )

Bonnie gets a workaround and wakes Elena up:

Daroline moment:


Ian was not even trying:

He kissed her chin, it was not even a proper kiss:

The Klaroline scene/Klaus’ letter:

The last 2 and a half minutes of the episode and Delena finding peace:



Elijah asking about Hope and smiling when Hayley was gushing about her though.

Friendly reminder that I only started shipping Haylijah when Elijah stopped Klaus from losing his temper with her and protected her because she was carrying the next member of his family.

And I still laugh at that line btw cuz…

So remember when I called this plot the BABY BOMB OF FUCKERY! I couldn’t believe this is what they were using to kick off the pilot, and Klaus was all…

And now I’m crying over because Klaus was shook when they threatened to find and kill his DAUGHTER tonight and Haylijah is ready to go rescue Klaus and reunite them all as a family!

And knowing that Alaric will be showing up later in the season which is literally just paving the way for Caroline to stroll into NOLA like…

You could say I’m a bit excited for this season!