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@kaitlynw011 - Could you do a Stefan Salvatore imagine with #1 Dance with me where you’ve been best friends forever and he’s in love with you. There ends up being a masquerade party and he confesses his feeling to you without you knowing it and then later you see his mask at his house and confess you share the feeling. Please

#1 “Dance With me”

@btsxexogirl  Hi! Can you do #21 where Stefan is in love with the reader? 

#21 “You’ve never felt pain until you’ve felt love” 

(Warning: It’s very long!)

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TVD 2x07 Review

1. I think it’s funny and telling how in the “previously on The Vampire Diaries” we constantly go back to Stefan and Elena’s “I know the risk but I have to know her” since that’s how much their relationship was a part of the show.

2. It still bothers me that Jenna gets stabbed and Elena breaks up with Stefan citing how stupid they were thinking they wouldn’t get caught sneaking around when if it was about Stefan and Elena still seeing each other, Katherine would’ve had Jenna harm herself much earlier, this was because Damon was stupid.

3. I still hate this checkered shirt they made Paul wear this episode, it’s TERRIBLE, such an ugly ass shirt. They didn’t have to do my third husband like that.

4. I still love that Caroline lies to Matt about coming to the Grill to use the washroom then when she goes to the bathroom, she throws her hands up in the air like, why. Why are we like this, Caroline?

5. Like the shirt wouldn’t be SO bad if he wasn’t wearing a sweater over it, it’s just SO busy.

6. “She’s running scared, what she did to Jenna was desperate, she’s out of  tricks.” Damon, why don’t you sit your ass down?!?!?! Every time you underestimate an enemy, someone close to the woman you supposedly love ends up nearly dead. LIKE SHUT UP.

7. GUYS.

8. “I always thought it was some made-up legend” redundant dialogue, just say a myth.

9. “What Katherine did to Jenna crossed the line, she has to be stopped before it happens again!” But Damon just gets free reign then? Idiotic writers.

10. “You and Stefan will work it out.” “I don’t think so, Matt, there’s so much about me and Stefan that will never work.” I didn’t remember this piece of dialogue being in the episode but I find it interesting only because this is supposed to be a time when Elena tries to give up, which is indicated by Jeremy rolling his eyes at Elena’s passivity earlier on in the episode because she says she’s doing what Katherine tells her to. Like she isn’t going to the masquerade ball, she isn’t trying to take on Katherine, she’s shutting herself away and it all leads back to because she thinks she can’t be with Stefan. Like when Matt asks her about the masquerade ball, she could’ve said, I’m not going because I want to be home with Jenna but she says not with everything that’s going on with me and Stefan.

11. “But no one gets hurt.” “Except Katherine!” YES, DAMON. WE GOT IT.

12. “Matt?? You look dashing! You really are hot in a suit, I would love to just…” Still find it funny that ONLY Katherine is thirsty for Matt.

13. They need to stop making girls dance when the guys are doing whatever else, it’s AWKWARD.

14. “Is that the spell book I read about in my family’s old journal?” WHY IS THIS A PIECE OF DIALOGUE? J: Oh, is that a spell book? B: How do you know? J: I read about it in my family’s journal. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT?

15. “So Stefan is at the party too?? He would never go to the party himslf, he did that stuff for me!” LOL. Why do I feel like Elena is more pissed about the fact that Stefan is at a masquerade ball without her than suspicious that something is up?

16. OK that girl would not go up to Stefan of ALL people to be like, “I can’t find Matt.” All they had to do is instead of making her look at Katherine thinking it’s Elena and compliment her dress is say, “Elena, I cant find Matt.” That makes way more sense.

17. And Katherine killing her is actually when she starts to feel like an actual threat and not a petty ex girlfriend who has disproportionate reactions to things (minus killing Caroline.)

18. “This woman ruined our lives, she DESTROYED us” just Stefan, Damon.

19. It’s also super convenient that Bonnie would be paired with Jeremy when she would’ve been with Caroline since they’re friends.

20. “You didn’t tell me there was another witch here … No one is suppose dto know I’m involved.” Then put your mask back on, Lucy, you were anonymous before. Jfc. Details.

21. Her linking herself to Elena was a good twist still tho.

22. Tyler is still pretty calm that he just killed someone tho.

23. “And it would’ve worked except people found out I wasn’t in the tomb thanks to you.” Wait, I don’t get it. Damon didn’t find out she wasn’t in the tomb until 2009 and Anna had already seen Katherine beforehand because she tells Damon that Katherine didn’t care where he was, so how would Damon be responsible for people knowing she wasn’t in the tomb?

24. Bonnie’s dress is ridiculously awful.

25. I remember when this episode came out and all of the DErs were like OMG WHEN JEREMY RUSHES UP TO TELL STEFAN AND DAMON THAT KATHERINE IS LINKED TO ELENA, THE WAY DAMON STOPS RIGHT BEFORE HE’S GOING TO STAKE KATHERINE, THAT LOOK ON HIS FACE, HE CARES ABOUT HER SO MUCH. And I’m like lol remember when after this knowledge he slammed Katherine against the wall in a chokehold and raised a stake to her and Stefan had to be like NO, ELENA WILL DIE. Damon is literally an idiot who can’t get a hold of his emotions and doesn’t think about consequences.

26. See, Lucy cursing the moonstone to take down Katherine bothers me in the sense that there’s all this oh I owe Katherine, Katherine spends the entire episode acting as if she’s more powerful than Lucy but Lucy can take her down so simply? Which pretty much all witches can do to vampires? It doesn’t make sense for them to be subservient to vampires who they can easily take down or kill except for the fact that TVD likes seeing black women in subservient positions because like me and that anon discussed beforehand, when the witches are white they’re all-powerful.

27. Everyone is SO calm that this girl is dead. Like there’s a corpse in a room.

28. “Don’t worry, you’ll see me again” no we won’t because the show killed you off, Lucy.

29. “I want to be with you, Stefan, you know that, but first I need to wake up and feel like the people that I love are safe, I need to feel safe.” Lol the next episode:

the episode after

Also if you REALLY needed that, Elena, then Damon would have to leave town. Literally last episode you told Jeremy to stay away from him because he would end up dead.

30. Lol Damon and Elena have no interaction this episode. BUT ALL THE BUILD UP.

31. “You’re lying, you’re always lying…” I mean, when did Katherine ACTUALLY lie though?

32. It also doesn’t make any sense that they would let Elena go home by herself.

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