tvd: crying wolf

Crying Wolf || @mannxro


Anderson had just finished an assignment, he walked through the woods with out much worry of there being anyone else around. However he was quite mistaken. In the distance he could see a women on the ground, her ankle bloody and twisted from a bear trap. Just who was setting bear traps here?

“Lass! can Ah help ye?”

the part that bothers me about all this Alex Day hate on my dash is how loosely the terms of consent and sexual abuse are thrown around to accuse someone.  loosely recall one of his situations - he saw someone he used to be involved with, they got close, she was unsure if she wanted to be involved with him because she was hung up on an ex, he ends up kissing her after apparently pressuring her into it.
now… this is not sexual abuse. this is not about consent. this is mixed signals. he could have very well thought their relationship was still on that level because they were in a close situation. 
THIS IS JUST YOUNG LOVE. IT’S CONFUSING FOR ALL PARTIES and the drama of it is the bloody definition.
people whisper in the dark, begging people to kiss them, they flounder, kiss when they shouldn’t, misread signs, they kiss people and regret it, they put themselves in situations that aren`t fully comfortable in, they say the wrong things. they push, they pull, they fall, they misstep, misread. this is NOT a case of rape. or someone molesting them, this is not forcing anal sex. this is not grabbing a stranger and kissing them or groping their genitals. 
you people and your loud cries of wolf are the reason i don’t and will never take first world feminism seriously. you’ve made me deaf by the volume of your erratic, constant screaming. lord. female genital mutilation is still a thing. go scream and force people out of their jobs, screaming about  how you hate them over THAT.