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TVD 2x01 Review

1. How fitting to review 2x01 today with all of the Bonnie/Katherine discussion happening on my blog.

2. Also, this is totally unrelated but AMC has been marathoning Jurassic Park for like the past how many hours and I have it on mute right now while I do this review and can someone tell me why in the first Jurassic Park, the little blonde girl gets the flashlight and turns it on and attracts that dinosaur to the car? Like I never got it and it FRUSTRATES me. So am I missing something? OK back on point.

3. John doesn’t seem to be in too much pain considering his fingers are cut off.

4. I like how when Stefan comes to the Gilbert house and runs up the stairs to examine Jeremy, he and Elena cling to each other briefly. Details, man.

5. So I’m not a vampire? Dammit.” “Jeremy, don’t say that. Why would you want that?” “Did you hear about Anna? What happened to her tonight? She’s dead.” Likkle boy, your logic is ridiculous.I don’t know if it’s Steve’s acting or the writing is just being lazy with it but if the whole allure of vampirism for Jeremy is that he can shut off his emotions then I need to see him overwhelmed with emotions all the time, like he essentially needs to be an empath and not the supernatural kind but the kind of people who are highly sensitive to their own emotions and to the emotions of people around them and he just wants it to stop. OR the show has to emphasize that Jeremy is a, what, fifteen year old kid and his logic is of a fifteen year old kid.

6. Also I really love how agitated Stefan is but also very precise with Jeremy lile LISTEN TO ME, YOU WILL DIE IF YOU KEEP THIS UP, DO YOU HEAR ME? And he gives him a little smack like YO ARE YOU LISTENING THO? which isn’t the same thing as Damon threatening to make him unconscious and grabbing his arm since this was like PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT AND I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR YOUR ANGSTY SHIT BECAUSE YOUR ANGSTY SHIT WILL KILL YOU. I find it very paternal. Especially since Stefan softens when Jeremy looks him in the eye and says he understands.

7. Damon figuring out that Katherine is back is SOOOO funny though because he is SO trash, like no honey, you weren’t kissing Elena, sorry.

8. I would’ve preferred if he slammed Katherine against the wall so hard that it cracked, they ARE vampires and Stefan is handy he couldve fixed it later. Details, man.

9. I like how Damon spent this time being all Katherine is omniscient, if she wants you dead there’s nothing you can do about it, we won’t figure out her plan oh but I can TOTALLY stake her.

10. Yes, Carol and Liz casually walk around the house talking about vampires and murder like there aren’t other people around. This is a mansion, there should be like 30 rooms you can go to to talk.

11. It’s cute how Stefan anticipates Elena’s needs, he threatens John because he knows she doesn’t want him in her life and she knows he threatened John to leave because she knows he can anticipate what she needs. Also their hug outside of the hospital is one of my favourites because she just needs to be comfortaed and hugging Stefan does that for her.

12. Ian needs to chill with the eyebrows for real.

13. Damon underestimated Grams and she was like boy please. Damon underestimates Bonnie and she’s like lol you tried. Why exactly is Damon so overly confident when he’s always proven wrong? DErs: It’s a defense mechanism to hide from his insecurity. Me: He needs a new one. Or get his shit together.

14. LOL the music surrounding Katherine makes me laugh because it’s so dramatic. Damon made his entrance killing like 5 people. Isobel had randoms walking in front of cars and forced a gay rodeo cowboy to have heterosexual sex. Katherine is just being trifling right now.

15. I always liked this Steferine scene in the Lockwood Mansion because Stefan is SO done, like he is just so over Katherine and her bullshit and he treats it like her bullshit instead of making it this OMG SHE’S DIABOLICAL and Nina and Paul play off each other really well so there’s also this tension but she is SO trifling and Stefan is just like omg I fucking HATE you

16. I also like that Katherine is the only one actually thirsty for Matt?

17. I also like the piano rendition of Breakeven.

18. “Why would you be surprised that I kissed you?” “That’s not a surprise, I’ surprised you thought I’d kiss you back” classic.


20. The alarm on his face as he drinks from the flask and Mason comes in is priceless though, one of the few actual teenage moments of TVD

21. Stefan legit has some pretty crazy exes though. Katherine stabs him because he said he hated her, Rebekah is Rebekah and Valerie made Caroline burn at his touch, like lmao, women fall DEEP for him man, Elena stormed into the cabin of a powerful old-ass witch? Lol.

22.Also find it super cute that Elena tends to his wound.

23. I like how Damon is like OOH LET’S FIGHT and Stefan is like I just got stabbed, I’m tired. Grow up, Damon.

24. Stefan’s speech to Damon about how he’s not going to let Katherine destroy the part of him finally willing to feel is mature and all but I need the show to stop acting like Damon didn’t feel before Elena because the problem has always been that Damon can’t control his fucking emotions and that leads to him killing people or hurting people. He spent 145 years loving one woman, clearly he felt. He slaughtered a house full of women in the 90s because Stefan said he kept failing and he was upset. He turned Vicki because he was sad. It’s Stefan who was willing to feel when he met Elena. Like they mixed up their own narrative. And it’s not like anyone can say that Damon developed a healthy love for Elena and that’s why it’s different than his obsession with Katherine because he didn’t! Same shit.

25. No idea why Katherine and Damon’s bickering suddenly reminds me of siblings, I think because I find them so petty with each other.

26. I really like Katherine’s bra though, I always like her lingerie, I’ll give her that. 

26. I love the way Katherine is looking at Damon now like, yo I just came for some D and now you wanna talk about feelings?

27. “There is something going on between us and you know it” can we appreciate the fact that Elena actually looks alarmed, like not even like he’s hitting a nerve, she’s looking at him like WHAT are you talking about?

28. I remember the first time I watched this I was like oh Damon that sucks, both women have been like “It’s always Stefan” in the same night basically one after the other, that’s rough, you’re an ass though and then he killed Jeremy and I said SEE YOU’RE AN ASS THOUGH. Then I watched it again and like, Original Katherine said it was always Stefan so you go to the woman you’ve transplanted your obsession onto and try to force yourself on her and she says it’s always Stefan so you enact violence on her by killing her brother.Stay classy.

29. The whole exchange between Stefan and Elena about Damon’s motivations still piss me off, it doesn’t matter, he killed her brother because he was upset, like that dialogue should’ve been used to ask questions about Jeremy and Elena being like so how does it work again, what did Isobel say? Do you think he’s going to be OK? Why hasn’t he woke up already?

30. Still super cute that Stefan kisses Elena’s shoulder.

31. The first actual stake-raising thing Katherine has done. (Killing Caroline).

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Kai and Mon El: why do people hate on the wrong character?
  • Kai: Sociopath who knows he's a sociopath. Murdered his whole family, tried to kill his unborn nieces, put the main character in a supernatural coma linked to her best friends life.
  • TVD fandom: loves him (knows he nuts and should be in hell, but we love him) and appreciates Chris because my god he's a wonderful actor. Don't hate on Chris and probably just watched TVD again for Chris's return.
  • Mon-El: A party boy who's trying to change and help other people than himself. Constantly trying to learn more of Earth customs to better understand his new home. Trying to become a superhero to help others. ACTUALLY helps others. Constantly surprises Kara on what he does.
  • Supergirl Fandom: hates him. Just hates him because he's also a love interest and that Kara actually returns his feelings. But he's not just a love interest, he's finding his footing in this Earth. Yet calls him abusive (where?) and that he is boring. Also hates him because he's a "generic" white boy. Hate him because he's coming between a non existent ship. Also say he and Melissa don't have chemistry when the actor themselves are excited to see where they go.
Long-ass rant about the person Elijah is turning into

It seems that all the way through TO the writers have simply not been able to get Elijahs character right. In TVD they created this Lawful Evil character who was described as honourable, a man of his word, and honest. He became friends with Elena and cared so much about his siblings (Rebekah, Kol and Finn) that he was actively trying to kill Klaus for harming them, and only stopped to get his family back. Then he left TVD and returned a season later with Katherine, hinting at a long-lasting, loving relationship that was never filled out or explored or even mentioned since. He insisted he had a connection with her, and owed it to her to help her. Yet he abandoned her as a weak human hunted by he worlds most powerful being, and didn’t even come to say goodbye on her deathbed. He was ready to move to The Originals for Klaus. This is where he stopped making sense. He never made up with Klaus or got a real apology, or ended his rage. He went from trying to kill him to caring about him more than anything else in the world with no development at all. And so he entered TO as the good brother. He stopped Klaus from killing people and searched for his redemption. Became obsessed with it. He was never the good brother. He was honourable but they were both very evil. And while Elijah could make deals and work with others, that didn’t make him good. And he also put Klaus in his damn place and tried to kill him. But then in TO all he cared about was Klaus. He chose Klaus over Rebekah. He became Klaus’s humble servant instead of his older take-no-bullshit brother. And so we complained about Elijah being OOC. Now, the writers are trying to make him bad. They went straight from him being the good brother to being the worst Mikaelson out of the bunch. Starting with Davina. Ultimately I don’t blame him for what he did. He did it to save Rebekah, and only a few episodes beforehand, Davina was actively trying to kill him and Klaus, so I didn’t expect him to choose her over his sister. And you can’t say that she was a child because yall ship her with Kol. No, it was out of character for Elijah to care so little about Kol that he didn’t even TRY to find another way out. He put no effort in at all and he didn’t even try to comfort his brother after it, or help him through his curse or anything. Not a few years before, Elijah was trying to kill Klaus FOR KOL and now, he can’t even give his brother the time of day? Not even to mention the fact that he consoled his murderer back in Season 4 of TVD. Then there’s 4x03/4?? Where he tried to kill a child, again, without even TRYING to find another way. He went from being the good brother to this? He was never THAT evil. He was still honourable and noble and lawful and would have let children alone. He would have insisted they find another way instead of bunjee jumping to the worst possible solution. And then there’s the way he treated Marcel last night. Elijah constantly tries to find the good in his family, even at the cost of Klaus. He doesn’t give up on them. He has a sense of LOYALTY. He hopes to bring them together, not tear them even further apart. Elijah would have made peace with Marcel. He would have hoped Marcel would find his way back to them eventually. He would have forgiven him, even if Marcel didn’t apologise, and he would always wish for the best. He would never have told Marcel that he doesn’t matter and he certainly would never blame him for Niklaus’s lack of redemption. In Season 1, the writers bounced around character tropes for Hayley, but now they seemed to have figured it out. But they change their mind about Elijah every few episodes. Is he honourable? Is he noble? Is he honest? Is he a romantic? Is he loyal? Is he familial? Is he a man of his word? Is he willing to do what it takes for ALL of his family, and not just Klaus and Hayley? Is he powerful? Is he the good brother? Is he kind? Is he weak? Is he cruel? Is he spiteful? Is he biased? Is he a womaniser? Is he racist? Is he a bully? Is he a backstabbing liar? I’m done with these personality shifts. You’ve created a character so complex that you don’t even understand him anymore. And you’re ruining him. Please, please don’t do that to him!

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They hurt you, didn’t they, little redbird?  I saw … I saw your face,” Damon said in his new choked up voice.  Bonnie didn’t know what to say.  But suddenly she didn’t mind how hard he squeezed her.  She even found herself squeezing back.  Suddenly to her shock, Damon broke her koala-bear grip and pulled her up and kissed her on the lips very gently.
—  Bamon in TVD Book 7