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Weak x Stefan Salvatore

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‘[Y/N],’ Stefan said, when he saw who had been knocking on his door.
‘Hi,’ [Y/N] smiled. Stefan tugged at his bottom lip, sighed, and let her in. [Y/N] grinned and walked underneath his arm that he had placed against the opposite wall.
‘And what brings you here?’ Stefan closed the door and turned around, to see [Y/N] already darting towards the couch. He swirled around the cognac in his glass, while walking towards her. He took another sip, one sip too many, but again he was a vampire. What could possibly go wrong?
‘I was bored,’ [Y/N] sighed and let herself fall onto the couch, facing the ceiling. ‘So I thought I’d came to visit you.’
‘Yes, visit the drunk vampire who is trying to forget his traumatic experience, and may possible drink all your blood. Great idea,[Y/N].’
‘Oh, Stefan, brighten up a bit! You’re still alive!’
‘Great statement, once again,’ Stefan took another sip, pushed aside [Y/N]’s legs and slumped down in the couch.
‘Got any of that for me?’ [Y/N] pointed at Stefan’s glass.
‘No.’ He simply stated and downed the remaining alcohol in one go.
[Y/N] pouted, and as soon as Stefan saw that, he groaned.
‘What did I do now?!’ [Y/N] complained, crossing her arms. Stefan glared at her and quickly, like vampire speed, he was hovering over her. Stefan tapped her still pouting lips.
‘Don’t. Do. That.’
[Y/N] looked up at him with big eyes, not sure what to expect. Stefan usually wasn’t that unpredictable, but the alcohol didn’t really help. Several people had warned her, including Damon, to not go near Stefan for a while, but how could [Y/N] possibly do that?
‘And, why not?’ [Y/N] asked, knowing she was playing with fire.
‘Because I’m weak, that’s why.’
‘You’re a vampire,’ [Y/N] laughed, shaking her head. ‘You’re far from weak.’
‘Not in the meaning of strength, love. But in the meaning of self-control.’ Stefan explained, still hovering over [Y/N].
‘Are you … Are you thirsty or, eh, something?’ [Y/N] nervously asked, starting to regret her actions of the last hour. She should have listened to the warnings.
Stefan laughed and shook his head.
‘No. I’m weak when it comes to you. Get it now? We shouldn’t have kissed last week. It’s all I can think about. Your lips on mine, and how … - never mind.’ Stefan sat back on the couch and looked at [Y/N]. ‘It’s bad for me. For you. I shouldn’t have happened. But I loved it way too much to regret it.’
[Y/N] felt like suddenly the room was way too small, and too hot. But she also wanted to kiss Stefan again, but that didn’t feel like a good idea.
Because Stefan wasn’t the only one that felt weak. When [Y/N] was around Stefan, all boundaries seemed to fall away. But she loved it too, every time she fell for it.
Sure, he was a vampire, and she a human, but did that really matter at this moment? The answer was no, it didn’t. They had undeniable chemistry, how hard Stefan tried to ignore it because of various reasons. One of them being that Elijah had some sort of thing for [Y/N]. But all Stefan could think was ‘fuck Elijah’.
And that’s exactly what Stefan did. (Well, not literally.)
He turned towards [Y/N], softly tugged her closer, and smiled at her.
‘I can’t help it,’ he whispered and placed his hand on her cheek.
‘That’s okay,’ [Y/N] reassured him, a bit nervous. She placed one hand on his arm, and smiled.
‘I should stay strong,’ Stefan mumbled, but [Y/N] was not sure if he was just talking to himself or if he was actually expecting an answer. ‘Oh, whatever.’
And then Stefan firmly placed his lips on hers, reliving the moment from last week, but now everything seemed even better.
It felt brighter, more intense, and just … amazing. Hands were everywhere, sparks seemed to fly around them, sweet whispers and soft moans.
Then, [Y/N] softly pushed Stefan away, catching her breath.
‘I do have to breath,’ she laughed, still holding on to Stefan’s arm, as if he would disappear as soon as she would let go.
‘Sorry,’ Stefan grinned. ‘Maybe we should go, eh, upstairs?’
[Y/N] immediately stood up, smiled, and walked towards the stairs. Stefan just stood there for a bit, watching her, and then following her upstairs.
He really gave in too easily, but he didn’t care.

Shape of you x Elijah Mikaelson [the ‘Divide’ series]

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inspired by ‘shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran (one shot #2 in the ‘divide’ series)

Elijah called for the bartender and pointed at his empty glass. The bartender sighed, but still walked quickly towards him, not making the same mistake twice of denying him more alcohol. He filled up Elijah’s glass until the brim, and then went back to serve other customers.
‘That’s a good boy,’ Elijah mumbled, picking up his glass and taking a big sip. When he heard a group of girls laughing a bit too loud, he annoyingly looked up at the table a bit further in the pub. It was a group of four girls, that Elijah had caught staring at him a bit earlier in the evening.
It seemed that they had consumed more alcohol in that period of time, judging by the empty glasses and even two bottles at their table.
Elijah sighed and turned back around to his glass, softly shaking his head.
‘New Orleans isn’t what it used to be. You should have been here in the thirties. Or the twenties. Yes, those were the times.’ Elijah said, to no one in particular. He guessed that was what he had become : a sad, lonely and nostalgic old vampire that sat at the bar, talking about how the twenty-first century was just a load of bullshit.
Well, he had to sit it out and deal with it. At least the alcohol was still great. He never had been one to drink too much, but tonight he felt like he needed it or he would have exploded. Klaus had been very annoying recently, and that had been rubbing off on Elijah. Maybe he should dagger himself and wait out the next century, hoping Klaus will have cooled down by then.
He took another sip from his drink, and almost spitted it out when he heard a soft ‘hi’ next to him, that clearly was meant for Elijah. He placed his glass back down on the bar, and looked at the person next to him.
The girl obviously had consumed one drink too many, but she wasn’t too drunk to make a proper conversation. She looked at Elijah, with a big smile.
‘Eh, well, hello.’ Elijah smiled back, suddenly very interested in what she had to say.
‘So, eh,’ she giggled and then went on with her sentence. ‘My friends kinda dared me to come over here. They wouldn’t believe you’d dance with me, and of course I had to prove them otherwise.’ She pointed towards the table that was filled with empty shot glasses and bottles.
‘Aha, I see,’ Elijah grinned, glad to have found some kind of entertainment for the evening because the bartender was a bit of a bore.
God, he started to sound like Klaus.
‘So, eh, will you?’ The girl asked.
‘Dance with you? Well, tell me your name first.’ Elijah leaned on the bar with one arm, and redid the collar of his white shirt with his other hand.
‘[Y/N].’ She extended her hand, which made Elijah smile.
‘It’s a pleasure to meet you, [Y/N] ,’ Elijah smiled, took her hand and then placed a kiss on it. He heard the girls from the table gasp and then burst out in a fit of giggles. Even [Y/N] blushed a bit because of this gesture. ‘My name is Elijah. But I’ll have to disappoint you. I’m not really a dancer.’
‘Ah, really?’ [Y/N] pouted a bit. ‘Well, I’ll leave you to your drink then.’
‘But I’d hate to disappoint a pretty lady like you.’ He added, standing up from his seat, still holding [Y/N] ’s hand in his, leading her to the makeshift dancefloor.
Nobody was really dancing, except for a drunk girl swaying in the far corner.
‘Let me pick us a song to dance to.’ Elijah smiled, walking over to the old-school jukebox. He preferred live music, but it was not like he could just made a live band appear. So this would have to do.
He picked a slow but still upbeat song for them to dance too, and went back to [Y/N] ,who seemed surprised with his music choice.
He grabbed her by her waist, and pulled her closer, like two magnets pulling to each other. [Y/N] ’s cheeks were bright red by now, since this was far from what she had expect, probably.
Elijah just grinned, liking the whole situation maybe a bit too much.
They swayed over the dancefloor, with a grace that made everybody stop and stare at them. Elijah noticed that [Y/N]  had no clue what she was doing, so she just followed Elijah, what seemed to work out perfectly. She followed his lead, while Elijah sometimes dug his fingers in [Y/N] ’s side, making her cheeks even a brighter red. The rush of blood was very noticeable for him, but he could control himself perfectly.
When the song ended, [Y/N] was out of breath and she just stared at Elijah.
‘Interesting,’ Elijah smirked and let go of [Y/N] , making a bow and walking back to his seat at the bar. He finished his glass, threw some money on the counter and walked to the door. He turned around one more time towards [Y/N]  , who still was flabbergasted and hadn’t left the spot where Elijah had left her.
‘I’ll see you next week.’ Elijah grinned, gave her a wink and then went outside.