tvd silliness

Allergic Reaction

Grabbing a prompt from the list for a little Halloween fluff: I’m allergic to dogs and I’m trying to track down who’s hiding a dog in the building despite it being against the rules. Oops, my hot neighbor is a werewolf.

(Taking some liberties with how werewolves present in this verse.)


Caroline sneezed for what must have been the thousandth time that day as she walked through the halls of her apartment complex. She had gone through approximately two and a half boxes of tissues since last night and ingested more antihistamines than was probably strictly safe. All of this led her to one conclusion:

One of her neighbors must have gotten a dog.

Caroline had been very careful when apartment hunting. Her extreme allergy to dogs meant making sure the building she chose had firm rules against them. But apparently someone was trying to get around that. Not on her watch!

The one good thing about her allergy was that she was pretty much a walking dog-detector. The closer she got to the source, the more her symptoms acted up. By the time she stopped in front of apartment 26, her nose was running, her eyes were red and puffy, and she was down to only one travel pack of tissues.

“Hey! Open up!” she called, banging on the door. “I’m not leaving until you answer!”

Caroline continued knocking, refusing to leave until she had gotten a chance to take her sniffly frustration out on a deserving target.

“I know about the dog! And you better believe I’ll tell management about it if you don’t freaking answer the door!”

She almost fell over when the door suddenly flew open, and Caroline came face-to-face with probably the last thing she expected. There, directly in front of her face, was a naked chest, a male naked chest to be specific. It was sweaty and rather hairy, and Caroline was contemplating making a sniping comment about waxing when her eyes moved higher and she lost her ability to speak.

The man was handsome, that was obvious, but that wasn’t quite what Caroline was focused on at the moment. His mouth was twisted down into a frown, long white fangs poking out from between his lips. And nestled in amongst a mass of unruly curls were two furry ears, twitching forward as she pulled in a gasping breath.

“…I guess you don’t have a dog, then,” Caroline managed to say, attempting a smile- and failing miserably.

The man seemed unamused, brows furrowing as he glared at her.

A sudden movement out of the corner of her eye caught Caroline’s attention and she gaped open mouthed. “Do you have a tail?”

“Can I help you?” the man practically growled at her, and just like that Caroline remembered why exactly she had been knocking on his door.

“Listen you- Mister Werewolf or whatever! This building has a strict no dogs policy, which is specifically why I picked it in the first place! And I don’t care how hot you are, I’m not going to put up with being unable to breath properly once a month while you play fetch in your apartment!”

The man’s eyes went wide and then he smiled, loud laughter escaping his mouth. “Well aren’t you a bold little thing, sweetheart.”

Caroline narrowed her eyes, poking him in the chest with a polished nail. “Hey! I’ll show you bold! I happen to have an extensive silver jewelry collection, buddy. You better watch it.”

“My name is Klaus, love,” the man said, grabbing a hold of her finger in a strong grip.

“Caroline, not ‘love,’” she spat, yanking her hand back, crossing her arms over her chest. The continuous sniffling kind of ruined her imposing stance, though.

“Caroline,” he purred in what sounded like a British accent. “I’ll make you a deal.”

She raised a brow at him.

“Go out to dinner with me- when I’m back to normal, of course.”

Caroline stared at him in confusion. “How is that a deal?”

“Do that and I promise to spend full moon’s at my brother’s from now on.”

Pursing her lips, Caroline considered the offer. It wasn’t really a bad one; he was pretty hot after all. And it would do wonders for her allergies. Maybe he wasn’t so bad then.

“Deal,” she said with a nod, holding out her hand.

Klaus smirked, shaking it and sealing the deal. To his credit he barely flinched when Caroline sneezed on him right after. And he was kind enough to lend her a new box of tissues, sending her on her sniffling way after setting a date for the next weekend.

All in all, it was probably the nicest dog, er, wolf encounter she’d ever had.