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c: I am not yours to do with as you will. 

k: How right you are. You are not mine. 

I am yours.


there are parallel universes where this didn’t happen.
where i was with you, and you were with me.
and whatever universe that is, that’s the one where my heart lives in. (insp.)

List of all stories on the blog (March / April 2017)

(In no particular order)

I Love You
 (aka my first ever story)
(Kai escapes the Prison World , meets Reader who is friends with the Mystic Falls gang ; Kai gets locked away in the Salvatore house after going after Jo , Reader is there for Kai …)

Say Something
(Part I) - (Part II) - (working on part 3)

(Events in this story take place after Kai turned into a vampire / witch heretic.
Kai and Reader are in a relationship ; One night Reader sees Kai kissing someone else at the Grill and shuts him out , but he is determined to get her forgiveness …)

(Kai takes Reader on surprise walk in the forest (with an even more surprising end…)

I missed that smile …
(Reader breaks up with her boyfriend and Kai is there for her , in a way she didn’t expect…)

Best Friends
(Story takes place after the merge with Luke and Jo’s wedding. Kai had never gone to Hell ;
Kai & Reader have feelings for each other but none of them would admit it , Kai doesn’t even know what those feelings mean yet …)

Let me see him ..
Damon locks away Kai (who is now a vampire witch hybrid) , dessicating him in an attempt to get him to break and undo the spell he put on Elena ,linking her life to Bonnie. Y/N goes in and breaks him out …

Prison World
(Part I) - (Part II) - (Part III) 

[Kai comes back from Hell but waits until he is completely free from it to go looking for reader , who he has had a relationship before he got sent to Hell.]

Feelings are hard

(Part I) - (Part II)
(Kai finds someone who loves him in the most unexpected way)  

(Having Thanksgiving dinner with Kai in the Prison World.)

An Old Friend
(Events happen a few months after TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02 …
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and … - keep reading to find out :P )

(Reader and Kai have a fight , Kai ending up scaring Reader like never before.)

Come Back
(Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)

Meet the Parents  

( AU :Klaus is still a hybrid , Caroline is born from a werewolf bloodline and they have a child together. Caroline dies in childbirth breaking Klaus’ heart but just when everyone think she is dead , Caroline wakes up and they realise that she had died with the baby’s blood (who has Klaus’ vampire blood) in her system. Later on she turns into a vampire.  Years go by and Reader grows up into a young woman.
After Kai gets out of the Prison world , he meets Reader and falls in love with her.)

(AU :  Kai kidnaps Elena’s twin sister thinking she is Elena so he can practice magic on her. )

Midnight Visits
(Events happen after 6.22 , Kai does NOT go to Hell
Elena and Jeremy have a cousin (reader) who is a witch, currently living with them (more like with Jeremy since Elena is currently taking a magical nap)
Kai has feelings for Reader but doesn’t know how to tell her so he sneaks into her room just to watch her sleep.)

Back from Hell
Reader is a witch and a friend of Kai. She helps him get out of Hell and control his vampirism because she is in love with him.

Kai falls in love with Reader who has no idea about his past.
Kai’s father kidnaps reader to hurt him.

Little Sister
Damon hurts reader when his humanity is off and Kai comforts her.

It’s Reader’s birthday and Kai has a surprise …

I Always Get What I Want (smut)
Kai keeps tugging on reader’s skirt , she tells him off but the story is only beginning… 

Reader is a witch who lost all her power , Kai comforts her and tries to help get her power back …

It Hurts Like Hell
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3  (on going)

Kai kidnaps reader to force the MF gang to give him the 1994 Ascendant.
(It’s a little AU but … I hope you like it.)

Making You Laugh
Reader has to ‘babysit’ Kai all day so he doesn’t do something stupid and Kai spends the entire day trying to get Reader to laugh…

Hold On
Both Kai and Reader have feelings for each other but none of them is willing to admit it to the other until Reader gets injured…


Reader is a witch and her friends try to hide her existence from Kai , but he finds out about her and shows up unannounced at her house.


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So I found this video and I…. I can’t even…. Like what do I even say?

Um, so Gab, Nish, and I were planning on doing this lip sync thing back when the bamily was goin strong but it never got done cause someone…. never finished their lipsync video. That’s why there’s a whole section with just music and no video that I was gonna cut out but I forgot.

Anyway, watch us embarrass ourselves two years ago.

An Old Friend

Kai Parker x Reader
   (x Kol & Rebekah Mikaelson)


(Events happen a few months after TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02 …
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and … - keep reading to find out :P )

*not my gif


It was around 7PM , Kai and Y/N were at the (surprisingly empty) Mystic Grill sitting at the bar drinking and laughing. Y/N had challenged Kai to do tequilla shots. He always told her she doesn’t want to see him on tequilla which only made her want to see it more. Downside was as vampires their alchohol tollerance was higher than the ones human have , so they kept drinking. So far Kai was winning. Y/N looked at him , smiling. Kai grinned back and put his hand on her waist leaning in to whisper in her ear “You will loooose.” before kissing her neck.
“Even when I lose , I still win..” she had replied to him.
Suddenly Y/N felt someone’s presense close by. At first she thought it was the alchohol getting to her but then …
“Hey there , Trouble.” Y/N heard a familiar voice with an accent and froze in place completely stunned. There was only one person who called her that. Kai looked at her and then at the surprise visitor. Slowly she turned around and when Y/N saw who it was ,  a wide smile spread on her face.
“Kol ?” she leaped from her seat and wrapped her hands around the new comer. Kai finished his drink , he wasn’t happy they had been interrupted but tried to hide it.
“Oh my God ! How are you back ? I thought I’d never see you again after the Other Side disappeared…“ Y/N said excitedly.
“Mother dearest pulled me and my brother Finn back before it collapsed. Of course ,you know how my family is - she came back from the dead and tried to kill us again. …"Kol trailed off. Y/N’s eyes widened.
Kai cleared his throat and both Y/N and Kol turned towards him. Y/N took a step closer to Kai and he wrapped his hands around her , the look on his face clearly stating ‘Hands off. She belongs with me.’
“Sorry.” Y/N apologised to Kai , kissing his cheek. “Kai , this is my very good friend -”
“Best friend.” Kol interrupted.
Y/N smiled , “My BEST friend Kol Mikaelson. He is an Original vampire.” Kol smiled and nodded at Kai who pulled Y/N even closer to him. “Kol , this is Kai Parker … my boyfriend.”
Kai outstretched his hand , Kol doing the same and they shook hands ,  a few moments  longer than normal. Y/N took a deep breath… The situation was getting more and more awkward by the moment. Her eyes darted between Kai and Kol , there was a tension building in the air and she had to think fast before any of them did something stupid but before she had had the chance to speak …
“So , Kai … ” Kol started saying as he took the seat on the other side of Y/N “I hope you are treating Y/N with respect…” he said trailing off. “Because if you aren’t - ”
Clearly Kol’s time away hadn’t changed him at all. He had always acted like Y/N was his little sister , ready to protect her from whatever or whoever would ever want to hurt her.
"Don’t be mean Kol.” said a female voice. Behind him had walked in another old friend of Y/N… well , more like frenemy.  "I am sure if he had tried to hurt her in any way, Damon would’ve ripped his head off. You know how protective the vampires here are over their human friends.“  Rebekah said reaching behind the bar to grab a bottle with bourbon. Y/N and Kai exchanged looks.
"Hello Y/N … Y/N’s boyfriend.” Rebekah said nodding towards Kai who gave her a small smile in response.
Y/N tensed.  "Rebekah … long time.“ she said pausing for a second. "What are you doing here ? Looking for Matt ?”
“Not exactly but it would be nice to see him. Where is he ?”
“You might wanna try the police station.Ask for sheriff Donovan.” Y/N said shifting uncomfortably.
Kai whispered in Y/N’s ear “You OK?” Y/N only nodded turning her attention back to the Mikaelsons. Clearly Y/N wasn’t OK. The girl , Rebekah made her feel uncomfortable for some reason.
“Any particular reason you both decided to drop by ? Kol being here - I like … You ? Not so much.”  Y/N said , her voice slightly trembling.
Rebekah visibly got angry by the remark and reached for Y/N’s neck but Kol pulled her back as Kai quickly pushed Y/N behind him.
“Sister .. calm down. You don’t want to cause a scene , do you Bex ?” Kol said calmly.

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Into the Woods

I am so excited by the latest Klaroline news! So, I couldn’t help but write another post TVD drabble. This is dedicated to the amazeballs Steph @klarolinedrabbles - and so too the wonderful birthday girl Angie - @thetourguidebarbie - for the most beautiful comments on their tumblr blogs. Also big thanks to Ravyn - @cupcakemolotov - and Megan - @megansarah11 - for their assistance on twitter, much appreciated ladies!

The Magic School hosts a Father-Daughter campout in Mystic Falls. After Alaric comes down with the flu at the last minute, Caroline has to step in and take the twins instead, unexpectedly running into a certain Mikaelson. (Points of view will vary between locations, hope you like it!)

5 years 1 month post TVD finale…

Meeting Point

Even though it was still light, the temperature had dropped a few degrees while they’d been driving. Caroline pulled her jacket around her body to ward off the chill as she stepped out of the jeep. The twins were in the backseat, excitedly taking in the flurry of activity around them. If only she was as excited about sleeping outside in a tent with giggling tweens and their fathers.

This was supposed to be a father-daughter campout but Alaric had come down with the flu, probably of the male kind which she decided was entirely too convenient. Caroline had camped out numerous times and wouldn’t have minded except for the fact that she had to cancel her pampering spa weekend with Bonnie and Elena. It was difficult not to think about them indulging in sun tanning, facials, massages and copious amounts of red wine while she had to endure incessant talk about Justin Bieber, Kylie Kardashian and whoever else.

Josie and Lizzie jumped out of the car, running towards their friends who were milling around with their fathers in tow. By the looks on some of their faces, they felt the same way as Caroline.

“Yeah, thanks for the help, girls,” Caroline called after them sarcastically as she unloaded the bags from the trunk.

“Ms Forbes,” a familiar voice said by way of a greeting. “You look as excited as I feel.” Caroline turned to face Hope dressed in dark jeans, a black sweater and a grey woollen jacket, her freckles sprinkled over her nose and those auburn locks tied back in a loose ponytail.

She would be lying if she didn’t see Klaus in the young girl’s face every time they spoke. It had taken a while to get used to not reacting from the familiar expressions she’d wear (especially that deep set frown when she was concentrating) but after four years at her magic school Caroline was an expert at pretending she wasn’t effected by her father’s resemblance. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she’d grown closer to the youngest Mikaelson. Hope was extremely studious, talented and a complete over achiever, a tag she herself had worn back in the day at Mystic Falls High.

“Are you kidding, this is going to be fun!” She embellished, a big grin plastered on her face. “And what did I tell you about calling me Ms Forbes?”

“Not to do it,” she murmured, her face slightly downcast. She was always so surprised that a Mikaelson could be shy at times, especially with such colourful and demanding relatives. “Sorry, force of habit.”

“I think you’ve been around your uncle too long with all that unnecessary decorum, Hope. Speaking of your Uncle, where is he?”

To say she’d been surprised that Elijah was accompanying Hope on a camping trip of all things was an understatement. Not only because she assumed Klaus would want to spend quality time with his daughter but also if Elijah would be correctly attired for the outdoors given all he seemed to own was expensive suits.

“He’s not coming,” she admitted. “Something, uh, came up.” Caroline resisted the urge to roll her eyes, first her father and now her uncle. Caroline only hoped that missing out on such an important occasion was worth whatever drama they were whipping up in New Orleans.

When Hope had come to the Magic School all those years ago, Caroline assumed Klaus would be appearing frequently on their doorstep, offering his unwanted suggestions on her teaching methods and checking that Hope was receiving ample opportunities and tuition. But he wasn’t, only making selective appearances over the years. In fact she’d been quite frustrated by that very fact. Bonnie had questioned her ire a few months back, suggesting that maybe it wasn’t Hope she was only worried about. She hadn’t bothered to respond just sent a dirty look her best friend’s way. She might have been a witch but she was way off track Caroline had told herself.

“I’m sorry,” she empathised, suddenly angry they couldn’t even muster one male Mikaelson to chaperone Hope. Caroline would even take bossy Rebekah at this point, not that the Original Princess would be the camping type. “Alaric is sick, so you can just hang with us, sweetie.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean no one was coming,” she shared. “Uncle Kol should be here any minute.” Caroline raised her eyebrows thinking that maybe she shouldn’t have questioned Elijah’s credentials given his substitute. This should be an interesting campout to say the least, she was already imagining his incessant whining as they trekked to the camp site. At least with those childish tendencies he’d fit in well with the other kids.

“Well, that’s great,” she uttered, trying to sound convincing.

“Can I help you with those bags, Caroline?” She offered, holding out her hand to take Lizzie’s backpack. Caroline’s face softened, thinking just how much she adored the young Mikaelson, she was always so generous, kind and well mannered. Maybe she should be thanking Elijah for that decorum after all.

“No, let me,” a familiar voice interrupted, taking the bag from her hand and causing every hair to stand up on that particular arm. He was here and Caroline wasn’t quite sure what to do and given the dry feeling in her mouth she was beginning to realise that forming words was going to be equally as difficult.

“Dad!” Hope exclaimed excitedly as he placed the backpack on the ground so he could embrace his daughter. Caroline would be lying if their impromptu show of affection didn’t cause her to melt slightly. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m going on the father-daughter campout,” he baulked, incredulously. “Last time I checked I possessed the proper credentials. Not too sure about you though, love.” Caroline was still trying to come to terms with his unexpected presence, let alone the fact that his tight, navy henley hugged his toned chest and she could see those necklaces she knew so well poking out teasingly underneath.

“But you said you couldn’t come.”

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” he conceded. “Did you really think I’d send either of your uncles in my place?”

“That’s a shame, we could really have used some of Elijah’s…”

“Dress sense,” Klaus intervened. Bastard.

“No just sense in general,” she drawled, resisting the urge to childishly poke out her tongue. What could she say? The Original Mikaelson brought it out in her.

“So, where is Alaric? I thought when the brief was father-daughter that meant…”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” she hissed, trying not to gain Hope’s attention that had been briefly averted by a school friend. “I run this school so it’s only right that I supervise.” His eyes never left hers, those sinful, crimson lips curving into a knowing smirk and flashing a few stray dimples her way for added effect.

“But yet you felt the need to explain anyway,” he grinned cheekily, boldly moving a step closer. Obviously he was trying to keep their conversation private too or was it just his excuse to flout his spicy aftershave in the vicinity of her poor, unsuspecting nostrils? When it came to Klaus Mikaelson, Caroline was always going to think the worst. That defence mechanism had worked well for her this long at least.

“We really should get going,” she excused herself, pretending that the shivers she felt were due to the falling temperature and not Klaus and his close proximity. She looked back briefly noticing Hope’s overjoyed expression, suddenly feeling bad for begrudging his presence. All Caroline needed to do was get through the next day and she’d be okay. “Easier said than done”, she mumbled under her breath as she watched him teasing Hope playfully.

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Dear Klaroline fam,

Let Stydia be a beacon of hope for us in this last month of TVD everrrrrr. That fandom waited and endured and stayed firm in their belief that before Teen Wolf ended for good, their ship would be canon, and last night it FINALLY happened. They got what was due to them because in then end, showrunners don’t just flip the bird to fandoms that have been waiting for their ship for years. They pay off old debts and follow through on promises you thought they’d long forgotten.

We’ve been screwed with and shit on for YEARS by writers, actors, other fans, and even journalists from time to time. But before the end, we’re going to get what we deserve.

That is all.

Meet her at the Love Parade

Bourbon St, New Orleans - 16 months post TVD finale…

“What are you all standing around for?” Klaus growled, looking at his lazy minions. They usually did what he demanded but tonight they were restless, not that he should have been surprised. It was February in the Crescent City and that meant it was Mardi Gras. Klaus didn’t care for it though and his underlings should have been in the same mindset.

“Oh come on Niklaus,” Rebekah interrupted. “Surely even your minions deserve a night off for the occasion.”

“I don’t recall asking you, little sister,” he snarled, hating when his siblings tried to assert their power and interfere. Last time he checked, Klaus was the King of this town not them. “Go away and annoy someone else. I believe I gave you all an order.” They all dispersed, albeit reluctantly. Mardi gras or not they had a responsibility to him and given everyone’s shields were down tonight it was the perfect time to strike those most vulnerable.

Klaus walked outside onto the balcony, taking in the view from below as he did. The parade was in full swing, revellers dancing and singing in the street completely uninhibited. He looked across to his sister standing against the railing who was also watching with interest.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to undermine my authority, Rebekah?” He growled, his voice barely heard over the cheers of the crowd below.

“Oh please,” she huffed. “Don’t get your panties in a twist. Everyone deserves to have fun every now and again.”

“I never said…”

“Oh yes you did,” she drawled. “Just because you’re pining for Caroline doesn’t mean we have to suffer for it still.” Klaus knew it was true not that he’d admit it to his nosy sister of course. Ever since he’d sent that cheque and letter it had plagued his thoughts, especially given she hadn’t cashed it yet. Did he do something wrong? Last time Klaus checked he’d donated to a worthy cause, nothing else.

“Have I told you how much you’re annoying me today?”

“No, but glad to see you’ve gotten in just before curfew,” she scoffed. “I’m going to go and enjoy myself like Kol, I suggest you try to do the same thing,” Rebekah muttered, walking away purposefully.

Klaus let out a low growl, annoyed that he didn’t have anyone to take his aggression out on now. It was normally his minions but if they were too busy running errands that usually befell to Kol, Rebekah and Elijah who had made themselves scarce tonight, not that he should have been surprised.

He grabbed the whiskey that had been pre poured on the table and took a long sip, his eyes trained on the crowd. Maybe he needed someone’s blood to take his mind off the loneliness he felt. Klaus had been surprisingly disciplined since she was out of the picture but he couldn’t deny that the scent of fresh blood wasn’t driving him crazy. Not because he really wanted it but because it was something to get his mind off the blonde that had been plaguing his thoughts. If he wasn’t immortal, Klaus knew she’d be the death of him given the frustrating ache he felt from her absence.

He scanned the crowd helplessly, his eyes focusing on a person in the crowd, dressed as an angel in white. She wore a feathered mask, her short skirt brushing mid thigh and the brief top displaying a hint of cleavage. Klaus shouldn’t have been surprised that she caught his attention given her beauty, those golden waves and their obvious differences. It was at that point, she looked up towards him on the balcony pointedly, her gaze unwavering. Even with her mask in place Klaus knew there was something about this girl and he needed to know what that was.

He was on autopilot at that moment rushing downstairs, hoping he hadn’t missed her. Bursting out of the front door, he found himself immersed in the crowd. He looked around urgently, catching those white wings in the corner of his eye. Klaus bounded forward using his power to push everyone out of his way. She raced away towards Toulouse Street and he followed her in anticipation.

It was less busy there and Klaus was excited to have the opportunity to appreciate her privately, every instinct telling him she was the very girl he’d been seeking for a long time now. Klaus just wasn’t sure why she’d chosen to show up in his town but he really didn’t care. She giggled mischieviously in the distance, Klaus following her like a lost puppy as her dress rode high on her thighs, revealing those creamy thighs he’d dreamt of incessantly.

He caught up, pushing her lightly against the brick wall, his hands making their way from her abdomen and now resting on her hips. Even through her mask Klaus could tell she was happy to be there.

“Took your time, love,” Klaus growled, a mixture of impatience and desire. It wasn’t a coincidence that he was rubbing himself against her like the wolf he was. She was purring in response.

“I was annoyed, actually I still am,” she gasped as he continued to caress her body.

“What did I do now?” He moaned from the sensations she was causing against his skin, half expecting that accusation given his track record but also a little surprised still.

“You didn’t think trying to buy me would cause some adverse response?” Caroline mumbled, never letting go. Her hands finding their way down his back, if he wasn’t clothed Caroline knew there’d be some nail marks by now.

“All I did was donate to a worthy cause,” he panted, trying to ignore just how good she felt against him.

“Well, I’m here to return your cheque,” she managed to utter as his arousal rubbed against her teasingly. He pulled away prematurely, his blue eyes staring her down questioningly, causing Caroline to growl in frustration from his distance.

“And why’s that?”

“I can’t accept it,” she mumbled, her voice hoarse.

“So why didn’t you just send it back, why put me through this?” He growled, his eyes downcast now. Caroline felt terrible all of a sudden for leading him on. She placed her finger underneath his chin and pulled it upwards slowly. As soon as his blue eyes met hers she knew it was it.

“Just because I didn’t want the donation doesn’t mean I don’t want you,” she murmured, brushing her lips against his. Klaus closed his eyes as his mouth massaged hers, knowing that she’d finally come back to him.

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