tvd impressions

TVD talk about 5x21

I loved the episode. Here’s why.

  • Interesting conversations and plot without OOC moments.
  • The characters were at their best, I think.
  • The characters were acknowledging each other’s feelings and opinions, and they were truly interacting.
  • They were all equally important without someone being written off.

Damon was super sassy and super smart, essentially who he is. Elena was adorably funny and loving and badass. Stefan was understanding and a surprisingly good team player. They and everyone else worked all as one, in a team.

For such a plot-centric episode, it was unexpectedly character-driven.

I just want to say that I’m so proud of Damon.

Because all the time before, Damon was so afraid he’d fuck up, he was willing to give up Elena and their relationship for some noble reason. “I don’t deserve you,” “I’d rather die right now,” “I’m bad for you.” 

And now we see him, not just trying to give the woman that he loves everything that she wants, but making himself part of her future. Finally understanding that he has to be included in that future, that he is what she wants. 

Damon Salvatore finally believes that he deserves to be happy.

Unpopular opinion: I actually liked they had Ian play Damon instead of a random teenager.

First off, a random teenager would be weird coz, well, at 18, people already look like, well, themselves, so they’d need to find somebody REALLY like Ian. 

Secondly (and more importantly), those scenes reminded us of something we don’t focus on enough. Stefan is not just Damon’s brother, he’s Damon’s little brother. With quite a big age difference. Damon remembers him since his birth. Damon watched him grow up. Damon was already somewhat grown up when Stefan was still a little kid. Damon probably helped his mom take care of Stefan and was excited about getting a little brother or something. That’s something we forget about when we watch the show, because both of them are adults now.

My speculation: TVD finale & S8!

Probably I’m wrong but I think that in the tvd S7 finale… Enzo will die… and it will be the reason for Bonnie to embrace her dark side. She loves Damon but she is convinced that Enzo is actually the only person who really cares about her and there must be a reason if the writers wanted to isolate them so much from the rest of the world for 3 years. They wanted to create this strong feeling of insane codependency between the characters of Enzo and Bonnie who both feel abandoned by their family and friends and especially betrayed by Damon, the person they loved the most in the world. They could use Bonenzo to let us understand the reason why Bonnie will make a specific choice… abandoning Damon and everyone else. Because deeply inside she feels abandoned by everyone and losing Enzo would be the last straw.

Damon in season 8 will probably do the impossible to bring Good!Bonnie back and let her understand how much she is loved and how much she is important for him and all her friends. I don’t know if JP will explore the Bamon Love… but it would be really interesting to watch Bamon grow together (because soulmates grow together) and eventually be aware that they are loved and they need to trust themselves and trust other people. They don’t need any love codependency to feel recognized and loved in this world. I hope that this will be the final message and the endgame of this show. I have Hope for Bamon growing together and for a meaningful TVD endgame that will erase all these years of bullshit about “DE true love”. You can’t truly and totally love/trust/forgive another person if you don’t really love/trust/forgive yourself first. This is my personal endgame btw let’s see what they have in mind. Dear TVD show… impress me, please! 

It’s a miracle!

My bamon feels actually took a backseat this episode!! What??!?!?! I mean of course I enjoyed my bamon moments but for once that wasn’t the best part of the episode. Bamon wasn’t the episode’s one redeeming factor or saving grace. Damon’s raw development and building angst kept me invested all the way through and I am for the first time impressed with TVD. Now, if only they could do something like this for every character on the show. They have great characters they just need to explore them!

  • Elena: it's over, we're over.
  • Elena: but first I need to have you again
  • Elena: and again
  • Elena: please don't look at me or I'll jump you
  • Elena: and put some clothes on I'm not handling it well
  • Elena: damn I wish I could have you here in school
  • Elena: *daydreams*
  • DE fandom: you were saying.

One thing I will never, ever understand is why some people want Elena to leave MF forever, leave the Salvatores behind and never look back.

Elena is a character for whom love, yes, including romantic love, is extremely important, and it has been stressed in the show time after time. She wants a family, and not just any family, she wants it specifically with Damon, with the man she loves. It was proven on several occasions (her breaking up with Liam over a feeling for Damon that broke through the compulsion, her refusing the cure when she had the opportunity to take it, TWICE). 

So why, instead of understanding and accepting our favorite character’s personality and priorities, people feel the need to neglect the importance of love in her life. I don’t think it makes her any less strong. Having love and family as their priority does not make women weak.

I just watched the DE scenes of 5x17. Sue me, I liked them a lot  more than 5x16.

So, my impressions listed.

I don’t think I agree that they’re making DE “too much about sex.” They’re attracted to each other! It’s natural! And as for talking about where they stand and discussing feelings - that never was natural for them. They speak through touches, looks, smiles and that “I don’t give a fuck if you hate me as long as you’re alive” attitude.

Yeah, that was all really hot. Also funny.

Like I wrote in some tags already, I loved how Damon is absolutely unfazed when Elena says that last night was a mistake. He doesn’t care in the slightest. Because she may say whatever she wants, but she loves him (and wants him), and as long as Damon knows that, he knows that somewhere down the road, they’ll find their way to each other.

(Now I want to write meta on their different attitudes to their breakup. What’s happening to me?)

I loved that Jeremy said “all of us” when he talked about moving out - and also looked at Damon over Elena’s shoulder. He didn’t say “both of us,” and he didn’t completely ignore Damon though he could’ve. This is the Gilbert family I love.

And to the final moment of understanding - it’s interestingly how Elena underestimates Damon’’s understanding of her. Can’t blame her, I would jump to the wrong conclusion, too, based on his attitude all day, but he understood.

That was a beautiful moment - a true illustration of that phrase about letting somebody go, and if they’re yours, they’ll come back. That moment felt anything but tragic and final. And given their track record of letting go of each other? Yeah.

I think this episode [yet again] secured DE endgame.

In early s4 and early s5, we established Damon and Elena are happy together. In late s5, we established that they are miserable without each other.

With the 3x22/5x21/possibly 5x22 parallel, we know Elena can’t stand the thought of living or dying without Damon. With the 5x20/5x21 parallel, we know they need each other. And, to state the obvious, that their love for each other can’t be destroyed, no matter what.

Then, there’s the deal with Stefan. As much as he was trying to step aside and be noble, he’s been struggling with it. And now, in s5, he first saw that Damon truly can’t be without Elena, and maybe realized how much Damon loved her. Then he saw that Elena can’t be without Damon, either.

That look Stefan gave them on the road was one of acceptance, I think. Elena and Damon have nothing to feel guilty about any more. When it is all over, they can finally allow themselves to be happy together.

My two cents.

Do I like the way they introduced and justified the whole “Damon going bad” storyline? Not at all. It could’ve gone a more believable, more interesting and less gross way.

But at the same time, I do believe that it could happen to Damon. This was probably the worst thing he ever had to handle. It’s hard enough to listen to the love of your life choosing somebody else over you, calling your love a problem, etc., believing that she’ll never be with you. It must be a thousand times harder to love her and have her love you back and then leave you.

Damon doesn’t believe there’s good in him, and the only two people always willing to see this good aren’t there. One of them is dead, and the other is gone, too, while Damon believes she just gave up on him.

It’s not Damon’s goodness that needs to be reinforced by other characters. It’s his faith in this goodness. Without that, he is falling apart.

But Sus is right, TVD really needs to get their facts straight and remember what background information the characters can know.

The worst Damon has ever been with Enzo was probably when he told him about the revenge plan and when he broke out of the cell. Otherwise, the guy was as dangerous as a kitten.

In 5x10, when Aaron kept trying to get to Stefan, it made no sense. Stefan helped Damon with the whole plan, and it made literally no sense that Aaron would think that telling Stefan about Damon killing the Whitmores would change something and make Stefan help him. Unless it was the hero hair.