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“What are your best memories from shooting The Vampire Diaries?” - Vampire Attraction Con 2016 (x)

Kai Parker you may be a little psychotic piece of shit, but you one funny as hell piece of psychotic shit. I literally was laughing my ass off at you this episode, especially when you kept calling Stefan by anything BUT his real name. I’m gonna miss you, you irredeemable pile of fuckable trash. Have fun listening to Spin Doctors for all eternity. I’ll eat a cupcake on your behalf.

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actually chris said that it wasnt him running that kai twitter acc

Oh I know exactly what Chris said, but it was the way he said it!

When I saw this tweet, my first thought was: That literally sounds like something Kai would say! Like, I’m picturing:

Damon: Did you blow up that building?!
Kai: Nooooo of course not! Wish I could take credit though, whoever did it was super clever!!
Caroline: *looks at the camera like she’s on The Office*

Next up is the selfies, now maybe these were posted somewhere else first and I just missed it, but “Kai” had access to the actual photos taken on set - these weren’t just screencapped from the episode.

Now Chris also posted this photo later at 6:18pm the same day, with the caption “No comment.”

And finally, “Kai” tweeted about Chris encouraging people to follow him:

AND CHRIS REPLIED 1 SINGLE MINUTE LATER. Y’know, 1 minute, approximately the time it takes to log out of one twitter account and into another.

And again, the way he says this just feels like a joke to me! He seriously doesn’t run it guys, don’t trust anything he says… *wink wink*

Top 5 ships

Thank you Jazzy @bellarkelifestyle and Jae @ethereal-bellarke for tagging me.And now there’s gonna be tears brace yourselves!


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All of you know i’m obsessed with this ship.They are everything look at how perfect they are.Shit i’m crying again. ‘’If i’m on that list you’re on that list!’’+’’Together’’+’’I need you’’


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Ok so this was my first ship.They are the beginning of my shipping adventures.And this scene here messed me tf up! I am too weak for this damn it!

‘’I will always choose you”+’’I’m mad at you because I love you!’’


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The most legendary slow burn ship in the history of slow burn ships.It was a torture to wait but totally worth it.LOVE THEM!

‘’Remember I love you.”


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This scene right here is a masterpiece.It gives me chills when I think about it.GIVE ME LOOOVEEEE

‘’He was your first love and I intend to be your last’’+”I enjoy you”+”I’ve tried to stop thinking about you,and I can’t” (Klaus you are killin me rn)


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They were super cute together and i’m so sad it didn’t work out.

Idk any quotes for this one but oh well lol

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